What you can expect your first day of school


First day of school. You know the drill… you’ll need a binder for note taking, sharpened pencils, & maybe clean fresh clothes to make a good impression (at least that helps). The first day of school at a completely new place is always a little hectic but exciting. “I’m not exactly sure what to expect, but I’m hopeful for the best”, was one of my thoughts Monday morning. So here’s what happens your first day of school @DA…

1. Arrive 5-10min before class starts to give yourself time to find which room you are in/ orientate yourself with what’s happening

2. Find your name among the list of names to know which class number you’re in

3. Classes for the “Intensivkurse” are 3 hours long, 4x per week… so be prepared maybe with water/tea

4. Cost for books runs about $20. Don’t procrastinate to buy the books for your course. There was a huge line of people waiting to buy their books the first day of school. I can only recommend that you buy the books at the same time which you register. This will save you serious time.

The classes are fairly small and simple. All consist of one big conference type table and a white board for the teacher.

So- that’s a basic run down of what your first day would generally consist of , hope it helps ✏️📓




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