Wheel Coffee – an interesting take on coffee.

Vienna is a city of coffee shops. There are hundreds and hundreds of different coffee shops throughout the city, excluding all the famous coffee shop chains. Every shop has a unique take on the concept, be it furniture, the state of the establishment, the type of coffee choices, the atmosphere, or the decor. It would take quite a long time to visit every single shop and truly experience each one.

I wanted to introduce you to a rather small establishment that is relatively new, only about a year old. The coffee shop is called Wheel Coffee (link) and is located at Siebensterngasse 16A, in the 7th district (map). It is rather small maybe with a few tables inside and a small outside presence. The big distinguishing mark of the decor are the two large rotating wheels on the wall. The wheels have various coffee presented to the customers.

Usually Wolfgang will offer you two choices of beans when you request a coffee. He will spend significant amount of time explaining to you the vast difference between the two types. His knowledge of the coffee can at times be overwhelming in a good way. Once you made a decision on the coffee he will proceed to offer you some cake. Usually for under 2 euros you can enjoy some sweet treat of the day. You will have to serve yourself and decide how much of the particular cake you want, as it is up to you to cut the size of the piece you want.

Besides coffee, the coffee shop offers many different coffee making machines and various coffee packets that work with the said machines. Once again you can pick Wolfgang’s brain for knowledge about the coffee machines offered at the shop. Depending on your needs he will find you the right machine for your establishment.

The hours of the shop are rather unusual, the shop opens at noon on Tuesday to Saturday. The reason for strange hours is simple. During the morning work rush, Woflgang is out on his bike making deliveries to his business clients. So if you find yourself in need of a coffee in a highly coffee house packed 7th district, do yourself a favor and stop by this hole in a wall coffee house. You will not be disappointed.



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