Why do I take a German course?

There are obviously several reasons for that.A new language opens up a whole new world. A foreign language gives us access to another culture, and our lives take on a new dimension. The great German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said: “Whoever is not acquainted with foreign languages knows nothing of his own.”I can say that learning a new language is like having a journey to another planet. New language increases your diversity, gives you opportunities to meet new people, to live in another country and to get a better job.But of course the main reason why I took a German course is because I want to stay in Austria. Why? Because I like being here, I have many friends here, good job opportunities etc.I think that it is really difficult to study language without taking any course. That is why I am taking course in Deutsch Akademie. I heard many good things about these courses from my friends and colleagues, and so far I am not disappointed at all, on the other hand this course exceeds my expectations.The advantages of Deutsch Akademie is pretty obvious: good location (10 minutes from my workplace), small groups (in my opinion it is an crucial aspect concerning language courses), high skilled and INTERACTING J teachers, very pleasant and friendly atmosphere.Finally, there is a quote, which states that how many languages you know this many times you are a person. I want to wish everyone: be as many times person as you can!!!x_8a76b5dd1.jpg

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