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D.A. is a german speaking school where you can take a variety of courses to help you along your journey to become fluent in german. But it is not the only speaking school in vienna. Actually it’s like one of 9 or so different schools you could attend. I was shocked when i started to do some research on where to learn german. Which is the best? What school offers the most education for its price? What times of the year can you attend? So many questions and so many different answers!!!

Well, DA offers a fall special price of €250 for 4 weeks & 3hrs a day instruction. It’s one of the most competitive prices out there. plus it’s kinda cool to go into the city center every day and check out what’s going on. i have to admit, i always look forward to walking around downtown vienna ☕️🎨

I unltimately chose DA because the good price and quality of instruction. for someone who works full time, you don’t have time for a university course… the DA time schedule is great. so i typcially work a full day, then leave my office around 5:30 & i’m in school from 6:15 – 9pm. it’s a really great schedule 😊

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