When you think of Viennese architecture, you think of extravagant pastel buildings that look like wedding cakes. So you’d never expect to find this Brutalist masterpiece. Wotrubakircha, designed by architect Fritz Wotruba, is probably the most interesting building I’ve seen in Vienna. In the Architekturzentrum Wien (at Museumsquartier) I read a quote by the architect himself, saying: “This building… will possess a great dynamic and dramatic quality. The apparent chaos created by the arrangement of asymmetrical blocks is intended to finally result in harmonious unity.” This quality was most definitely achieved. No matter where you’re standing in the church, there are intriguing shapes created by the intersections of concrete and glass.

  • The only challenge with visiting this church is that it’s a bit of a journey to get there, but believe me, it’s totally worth it. Here’s how to get there:
  • First, get to the Heizing station on the U4
  • Then, you need to switch to the tram system and get on the 60 in the direction of Rodaun and get off at Maurer Lange Gasse
  • Then it’s a bit of a walk from there! Up Maurer Lange Gasse toward the big Maurerwald park and then a left on Georgsgasse. (Definitely look up walk on Google just in case!)

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