Free German course for people in distress

We take the current situation very seriously and wish to help people in need learn German.

With our extensive free offer, you can expand your vocabulary and practice grammar, whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, there is something for everyone! Start today and learn German for free!

We are always there for you if you have any questions or wishes! 🙂

Audio course for beginners

With this audio course you can sit back and relax while you learn listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary.

At the beginning of the exercises, grammar and vocabulary will be explained to you in English. You will learn to introduce yourself, ask for directions, go shopping, and much more….

Start audio course now!

Grammar trainer with over 25,000 exercises

With more than 25,000 exercises covering all topics of German grammar, this free online German course is unique. You can compile your exercises individually according to level, textbook or grammar topic.

After your free registration, you will be advised online by our German teacher Anna. She will answer all your questions if you do not understand the solution of an exercise.

Dative-Accusative trainer

Here you have access to all the dative and accusative exercises according to language level. This allows you to easily practice this area of grammar. After doing the exercises, you will be able to use the correct case naturally in your spoken German.

We have created a comprehensive guide to the dative and accusative (3rd and 4th case in German grammar) for you.

Practice Dative & Accusative!

German exam trainer

Prepare for official certificates such as telc, TestDaF, ÖIF or ÖSD with our free exam trainer! Select the desired exam and level and you can start practicing.

Please note that the exam trainer does not offer sample exams for the language certificates mentioned. Only the grammar required for the exam at the specified level is practiced.

To the exam trainer!

German course app for iPhone

With the mobile version, iPhone users can learn German easily on the go with the free online German course.

The mobile version includes 20,000 grammar exercises and is especially suitable for levels A1 to B2. Get started and learn now!

App Store

Grammar charts (PDF)

Our free grammar charts support you in learning German. At a glance you will find the most important grammatical topics from your German course: prepositions, including those with two cases, frequent verbs with nominative, dative, accusative, word order etc.

You are welcome to pick up your grammar chart directly at our school or download it here as a PDF file. Hang it up in a place you see often. Learning German can be so easy. 🙂

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