German course: Learn German B1

Here you will learn German at an advanced level.

Do you already have in-depth basic knowledge? The B1 German course is right for you if you have completed language level A2.

Whether online or on site: Here you will learn to use the German language in an independent way and to communicate at an intermediate level - with role-plays and varied teaching materials for listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Goals: What will you be able to do after your B1 German course?

  • cope with many communicative situations that you encounter. For example, you won't find it difficult to ask for directions to a museum, order your favorite drink in a café or understand terms related to your professional life.
  • express yourself simply and coherently on topics that you have been familiar with for some time.
  • express your views in simple words. You can talk about various events and experiences as well as hobbies, describe your plans and goals or give brief explanations.

Requirements: What previous knowledge should you have?

Ideally, you have already attended a language course at level A2 for a German course at level B1. In general, however, we will work with you to find the right language level for you.

Simply take our free placement test.

Content: What do you learn in the German B1 course?

Contents of German course B1.1

  • People and their character traits
  • Curriculum vitae and application
  • School and education
  • Living together and living arrangements
  • Technology and customer service
  • Writing invitations and accepting or declining them
  • Everything to do with animals
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Breakdowns and moments of happiness in everyday life
  • Health, sport, healthy eating

  • Adjectives as nouns
  • N-declension
  • Relative pronouns
  • Relative clauses
  • Temporal conjunctions
  • Future tense I
  • Infinitive with zu
  • Final clauses
  • Past perfect
  • Particles
  • Causal and concessive sentences
  • Subjunctive 2 present tense
  • Reflexive verbs with prepositions
  • Prepositional pronouns

Contents of German course B1.2

  • Words with multiple meanings
  • Lifelong learning
  • Life paths and career paths
  • Love and relationships
  • Consumption and shopping behavior
  • Politics and society
  • Landscape and tourism
  • Concerts and leisure activities
  • Significant events in history
  • Environmental protection and climate
  • Visions of the future

  • temporal, causal and concessive connectors, conjunctions and adverbs
  • Verbs with prepositions
  • Passive present tense with modal verbs
  • Passive perfect
  • Passive past tense
  • Past participle 1 & 2
  • Past subjunctive II
  • Prepositions
  • Negation
  • Word formation Adjectives

Contents of German course B1+

  • Leisure, food and drink
  • Work and profession
  • Media use
  • Advertising and consumption
  • Languages and learning tips
  • Transport and mobility
  • Feelings and character traits
  • Historical events
  • Art
  • Invitations and good wishes
  • Verbal and written complaints

  • Tenses of verbs, verbs with prepositions
  • Temporal prepositions, adverbs and sentences
  • Modal verbs and alternatives
  • Subjunctive II (present and past)
  • Noun endings and compound words
  • Passive voice - also with modal verb in the present tense
  • Reflexive verbs
  • Infinitive constructions
  • Adjective endings and comparisons
  • Relative clauses
  • Clauses (conditional, consecutive, final, causal, concessive)
  • Alternating prepositions and adverbs of place

Duration: How long does a B1 German course last?

The individual B1.1 and B1.2 courses each last 48 lessons of 60 minutes. In a total of 96 lessons, you will learn everything you need to know for the entire B1 German course level according to the language levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The DeutschAkademie German courses last 4 weeks, at all levels A1 to C2, including the intensive courses. The only exceptions are the semi-intensive courses (8 weeks) and weekend courses (16 weeks). Private courses and company courses are arranged individually.

2-course option / B1 in 96h:

  • Teaching of all necessary content from B1 level.
  • Learners are familiarised with the basic vocabulary and grammatical structures, which enables them to progress to the next higher level.
  • Due to the wealth of content, this option requires more initiative and discipline outside the course.
  • Complete B1 level faster.

3-course option / B1 in 144h:

  • Consolidation and expansion: A B1+ course consolidates and expands the language level you have already acquired, improving your vocabulary and communication skills.
  • Preparation for higher levels: You will be prepared for more advanced language challenges, making the transition to higher levels easier.
  • Time and cost factor.

How much does a B1 German course cost?

The price for an B1 intensive course on site varies depending on the location. Online intensive courses cost €299.00 (4 weeks, 4 days/week, 3 hours/day, 48 hours). You do not pay a registration fee. This is very good value for money. And the DeutschAkademie has top ratings. You also have a money-back guarantee with us.

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Why DeutschAkademie?

DeutschAkademie is an award-winning language school with over 20 years of experience in teaching German as a foreign language. All our language schools are centrally located. We also offer a wide range of courses at different times of the day with a total of over 4,000 5-star ratings. With our professional placement test, we can determine your individual German level and find the German course for you that builds exactly on your level.

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Where to find DeutschAkademie?

Our language school has locations in many cities in Germany and Austria - always very centrally and conveniently located. Information on the respective locations, directions and much more information can be found on the overview pages for BerlinMunichViennaHamburgFrankfurtCologneStuttgart, Leipzig und Düsseldorf.

How do I find the right B1 German course?

Our interactive course finder makes it easy to find the right German course for you.

We offer you a large selection of language courses from A1 to C2 online and in numerous cities, which can be individually tailored to your goals and wishes: You can choose how intensive the course should be, at what times of day the lessons are best suited to you, whether you prefer to learn online or on site and whether you would like to set any special focuses.

And so that we can determine exactly the right level for you, it's best to start right away with our free placement test.

Looking for the right B1 German course?

Use our interactive course finder

How do I register for the B1 German course?

It's very simple: take our free placement test, use the interactive course finder - and you can book the right German course for you.

There are only special considerations for visa courses - because this also involves applying for a language visa. Information about visas for Germany and visas for Austria.

Do I get a certificate from DeutschAkademie?

After completing the B1.1 and B1.2 German courses, you will receive a course confirmation from us. After completing the entire level, you can also register for an official B1 exam.

Here you will find an overview of all recognized course certificates.

And here you can find our special exam preparation courses.

Tip: Take advantage of the free online tutoring

The German language is not easy at first, but it is not as difficult as its reputation. You will see: What you learn here in the B1 German course forms a solid basis. You will find it easier to understand and speak German yourself from day to day.

Everything you learn here at the beginning will also help you later when you learn new vocabulary and grammar. So stick with it. And if you get stuck with a problem, our free online learning support will be happy to help and motivate you.

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