Can I make up for a missed day of class?

Classes that you cannot attend for personal reasons will neither be refunded nor will you be offered to replace this class by attending another group.

The best thing to do is to inform your teacher. All our tutors are very helpful and supportive and can email you material such as homework.

Additionally you can also visit our free online tutoring sessions and clarify open questions about the lessons.

Which in-house German courses are available at the DeutschAkademie Vienna?

We again offer numerous in-house German courses in Vienna, such as our intensive course or semi-intensive evening course.

You can find an overview of all our German courses in Vienna here.

Which German courses start on the next start date?

We offer all course models every month. This means you can register for any German course at your level in the webshop. To do so, simply register in our webshop.

If you are already registered, you can log in and book a course place.

Here you can also find the overview of our start dates.

In which room will my German course take place?

Please refer to the email we send you on Friday or Saturday before the course starts. The room and also the book will be in this email.

How many participants are in the group?

There is a maximum of 12 participants in a group. However, there are courses with fewer participants. Here you can find an overview of our course offer and exact information about the maximum number of participants per course type.

How many people are already in the German course now?

The booking situation is always changing therefore we cannot give any information about how many people are already booked. We ask for your understanding.

Do I keep the same teacher if I want to learn to a certain level?

We try very hard to make sure that you can continue learning with the same group and the same teacher. However, we cannot always guarantee this, as there are several factors involved (does the teacher have time?). Does the trainer teach again next month at the same time / next level? etc.) We therefore ask for your understanding if this is not possible.

Can I continue with my group/teacher?

We make every effort to ensure that you continue learning with the same group and the same teacher. However, we cannot always guarantee this, as several factors play a role here (does the trainer have time? Do the other participants continue to book? etc.) We therefore ask for your understanding should it not be possible at some point.

If I cannot attend, can I make up the lessons at another time instead?

Unfortunately this is not possible. We guarantee a maximum of 12 participants per group and therefore it is not possible for you to join another group. However, we do offer free tutoring, which you can use to ask questions about the topics you missed. A teacher will be happy to answer your questions and help you.

Are there language courses for work?

In addition to our courses by level, we also offer a range of additional courses such as writing courses, office communication, etc. Here you can find an overview of our courses in Vienna.