I have reserved a course online. What now?

The course place is blocked for you until the displayed reservation date. Please pay by the date in order to firmly book the course place. If you do not pay, the reservation will automatically expire and the course place will no longer be blocked for you.

Detailed instructions for our webshop can be found here.

I have no previous knowledge, what do I have to do to take a German course with you?

If you have no previous knowledge, that’s no problem. Our beginners course A1.1. is then just right for you. The only requirement for the course is the Latin alphabet, which you must know in order to participate in the course. The rest will be taught by our teachers. You can register for the German course here.

I have registered in the webshop. What now?

You can now easily take the placement test (if you already have German language skills) or reserve, book, change or cancel a course. You can also download all invoices and confirmations directly.

Detailed instructions for our webshop can be found here.

I did the test/registration 2-3 times as the website always redirected me back to the first page.

In this case, please contact our friendly customer office and our colleagues will check if we have received all the necessary information from you.

I am an employer and would like to register an employee, how does it work?

You can fill out the registration form directly for your employee. If they already have prior knowledge of the language, they would need to fill out our placement test and we will contact them directly.

If there is no previous knowledge, we can make a reservation directly for the A1.1 course. Please send us your company address so that we can issue the invoice accordingly.

What documents do I need to register?

For the registration we only ask you to register in the webshop. We do not need any further documents from you. As soon as you are registered and placed into level, you can book a course place.

Detailed instructions for our webshop can be found here.