Is job XY still available?

You can still apply for any advertised position. We will check your application documents and you will always receive a reply no matter what the decision is.

To whom can I address my job application?

Please direct your application documents to our HR department. In the job advertisement you will always find the name of the respective contact person.

Who can I call about my application? / Is there also a telephone number to call?

Since we always try to keep your application process as short as possible, our HR employees have several appointments every day. For this reason, we ask that you send your inquiry via email. We respond to all emails within 24 hours. This way you can be sure that your request will be processed. We ask for your understanding.

Do I meet the necessary qualifications for the advertised position?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered in a general way. Several factors always play a role. On the one hand, we pay attention to your professional qualifications, but on the other hand, we also pay attention to your soft skills. Therefore, please apply for the position you are interested in and our HR team will contact you after reviewing your documents.