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Your host family: in connection with your German course – so as to learn German all the better

Your host family in Vienna

The DeutschAkademie language school selects its host families very carefully, and pays them regular on-the-spot visits. The host family lives at most 30 minutes from the language school.
One decisive advantage is that you will have the opportunity to use your new language intensively with your host family. In that way, you can put your learning into action.
At the same time, you can experience a new culture by taking part in the activities of the host family. You go shopping together, learn how to prepare typically Austrian dishes, or celebrate birthdays together. It is nice to come home in the evening after your German course, sit down at the laid table and be able to talk about the day’s experiences (in German, of course!). This is an outstanding opportunity to learn German in its natural environment and thus an ideal complement to your German language course at the DeutschAkademie.

What is included? Included are your own room, half-board (on request) and washing of your laundry. In some host families you are shown how the washing machine works. You receive keys to the building and to the flat. Towels and bed linen are made available. For an additional fee, it is also possible to take all three daily meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, with your host family. You can decide how often you would like to eat with your host family.

You will be put up in a single or double room in the host family. Because the public transport system (underground, trams, bus…) in Vienna has outstandingly good coverage, you can cheaply and easily get to any point of the city.

Your host family will also take into account any special dietary needs, allergies or illnesses. Please be sure to let us know about these before making your reservation!

The advantages of a host family

  • You speak a lot of German in a friendly atmosphere. That’s like an additional intensive German course.
  • You’ve always got someone to talk to, even outside the German language school.
  • You discover a new culture, and can ask a lot of questions.

A successful stay with a host family

Requirements for a successful stay with a host family:

A host family is not a hotel. Please consider that you are a guest who is being treated as a member of the family. Please be friendly and respectful to everyone in the household.


Please book your stay with a guest family at least one month in advance.

The expression “host family” is used in a broad sense: Many hosts are traditional families with children. But singles of all ages, single mothers with one or two children, or elderly couples whose children have already left home often rent out a room.

In connection with your German course this is one of the best ways to learn German in Vienna.

Accommodation in an Austrian student share-household

Have fun, Learn German intensively and make friends!

The student share-household is one of most popular forms of accommodation. Here you are integrated like other students into an Austrian share-household and take part in its social life: Holidays and birthdays are celebrated, excursions can be taken together, etc… Lifelong friendships are often started in student share-households.

Here too, you will find many opportunities to speak German.

Furnishing in a student share-household

Student share-households can be fitted out in different ways. We will be glad to give you a detailed description on request. Generally, you will sleep in a single or double room, into which you can also retreat. Bathroom and kitchen are used in common. In choosing student flats we are also very careful to ensure that the existing household functions well and that living condition standards are met.

Living in an Austrian student share-household

In a typical student flat, several Austrian students live together. Spaces such as the kitchen or bathroom are shared. Here you are treated as a full member of the household. Going on outings or shopping together, you will learn a lot about Austria. The students you live with will be attending lectures at the university while you’re going to your language course at the DeutschAkademie. In their free time most of our students are very active: they play sport, visit exhibitions or go to the theatre.

So accommodation in a student flat is most ideally suited if you don’t want to give up your independence, but at the same time would like to have the chance to become quickly acquainted with many people.
True, no meals are provided, but you can prepare your meals yourself in the kitchen.

This form of accommodation is a good alternative to a host family or student residence. Here, living together imposes fewer obligations. How much you can put your newly acquired German-speaking abilities into practice here depends greatly on the daily habits of your Austrian flatmates. But in any case they will gladly help you with your homework.

German course + Accommodation in student residence

Have fun, Learn German intensively and make friends!

In the student residence, you may book either a single or a double room. Rooms can be fitted out in different ways. This type of accommodation is available on request. It has the advantage that you don’t have to adapt to the habits of your host family.

Do you want to lead the life of a student? Then this form of accommodation is just right for you. After your German classes, you still have the opportunity here to make many new friends in a real student atmosphere.

Furnishing of the student residence

Typical furnishing (variations are possible):

  • Bath/shower and WC in corridor
  • Active and passive room telephone
  • Internet connection in room
  • Bed linen provided (not always, however-please enquire!)
  • Computer room
  • Study area
  • Bicycle parking
  • Common room
  • Party room
  • Coin-operated laundry
  • Music room
  • Table tennis
  • TV-room (Cable TV)

You share an often large, modern kitchen with other residents of the student hall. Some residences also have a cafeteria and a laundry.

There’s always a lot going on in a student residence. New friendships are formed quickly.

But you have to be careful not to speak always with people with the same native language. Instead, you should try to communicate in German as often as possible.