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Have fun learning German on your Smartphone with this powerfull iOS App. This App provides you with more than 22,000 German grammar exercices for extensive practicing combined with an interessting performance rating.

Your Advantages

The DeutschAkademie’s Online German Course is the most comprehensive grammar trainer in the German speaking world! With this app you can practice your German grammar skills with multiple choice questions.

Your advantages:

  • More than 22,000 German grammar exercises
  • Numerous exercises for all German grammar topics
  • The exercises are structured according to the European framework of references for languages (A1 to C1)
  • Exercises are designed by experienced German teachers
  • Learn German according to your level
  • Repeat German grammar exercises from your book
  • Practice German specific grammar topics


Frequently asked questions:

Is this app suitable for total beginners?
Please keep in mind that it is necessary to have some basic German knowledge in order to practice German with this app. This app is a great platform to practice the German grammar as much as you need.

What languages are supported in this app?
The menu is available in German and English depending on your standard language setting. The German grammar questions are naturally German only.

Are there grammar explanations to the exercises?
This app focuses on practicing grammar and does not contain any explanations. We recommend you use your books in combination with this app.

Are there vocabulary exercises available?
The app comes with over 22,000 grammar exercise which do not contain vocabulary exercises.

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Kate Schiller 02/04/2014

WOW!!!! Einfach super! That is an amazing and soooo helpful!

A Google-User 02/04/2015

Huge grammar course! Great work! Every grammar topic I need to practice is there!

silenzzio 01/08/2015

Gut Sehr gut,für Leute welche schon etwas deutsch gelernt haben.

A Google-User 03/29/2011

Great! So many execises! Thank you

A Google-User 02/04/2013

Huge grammar course! Great work! Every grammar topic I need to practice is there! SGS3