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 System of German course levels at DeutschAkademie Vienna


Modern and recognized textbooks ensure stimulating and varied German courses. Our language school in Vienna offers 12 separate course levels for the German language: German courses for beginners or German courses for advanced students, preparatory German courses for the Austrian Language Diploma (ÖSD or Österreichisches Sprachdiplom e.g. Mittelstufe Deutsch) or for German language certificates from the Goethe-Institut.

German courses in Vienna for beginners

In our German courses in Vienna you learn German at the Basic Level with MENSCHEN, a textbook from the Hueber-Verlag.


German courses in Vienna for the Intermediate Level

At the intermediate level you learn German with SICHER!, a textbook from Hueber.

B1(1)Aspekte neu B1 Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch, Teil 1
B1(2)Aspekte neu B1 Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch, Teil 2
B2(1)Aspekte neu B2 Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch, Teil 1
B2(2)Aspekte neu B2 Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch, Teil 2
C1(1)Aspekte neu C1 Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch, Teil 1
C1(2)Aspekte neu C1 Lehr- und Arbeitsbuch, Teil 2

German course in Vienna for the Advanced Level

At the Advanced Level, your teacher puts his or her own German course together.

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Course documents

Aim of the German course

Beginners without prior knowledge, Basic Level 1 (1 Month)
MENSCHEN A1-1 HueberTo conduct and understand simplest conversations. To be able to use the most important courtesy formulas.
Beginners with prior knowledge, Basic Level 1 (1 Month)
MENSCHEN A1-2 HueberExtension of the vocabulary to 1000 words. Understanding simple everyday conversations. Thinking in German.
Basic Level 2 (1 month)
MENSCHEN A2-1 HueberExtension of basic vocabulary and basic German grammar. Simple discussions on various topics. Creative use of the German language in classwork.
Basic Level 2 (1 month)
MENSCHEN A2-2 HueberTo express yourself in more complex situations, although you still make mistakes in pronunciation, grammar and choice of words. To make full and effective use of the possibilities of the German language. Consolidation of grammar.
Intermediate Level 1 (2x 1 Month)
SICHER! B1At this important level, the Basic Level is revised and consolidated. You already know practically all the German grammar. Now you apply your knowledge in numerous lifelike exercises. You already know practically all the German grammar, which you now apply in numerous lifelike exercises. At the end of this level, you have a good basis. Under no circumstances should you break off your German courses before this level, as otherwise you will quickly forget what you have learned.
Intermediate Level 2 (2x 1 Month)
SICHER! B2 or our documentsGrammar is already well mastered, and so is only revised selectively. Now the focus is on the finer points of the German language. In many cases the teacher uses his or her own teaching materials for this level, and so adapts it optimally to your needs.
Advanced Level 1 (2x 1 Month)
SICHER! C1 or our documentsThis is the last part of the Middle Level: You are familiar with the use of the most important structures of the German language. Your vocabulary comprises about 3000 words. In M3, the four abilities reading, listening, speaking and writing receive further systematic training. A wide spectrum of topics is covered, so that you can cope with all language situations outside the German course. From this level onwards, you can earn the ÖSD language diploma "Mittelstufe Deutsch" (Middle Level German), which is recognized in Germany, in Austria, and in many other countries.
Advanced Level 2 (2x 1 Month)
our own documentsThis German language course is more than a mere conversation course. It is, so to speak, the final touch, and you can now take part in the most varied discussions in fluent German. Apart from this, you have practice in writing texts of all kinds.

Business German and Language Exams (ÖSD, Goethe-Institut, University of Vienna)

DeutschAkademie Vienna also offers courses in Business German. In special individual courses (private tuition), we can cater very precisely to your particular needs.

We are happy to prepare you for all German language examinations and language certificates of the Goethe-Institut, the ÖSD or the University of Vienna. See FAQs. These examinations are recognized in Austria and Germany, as well as in many other countries in the world.

German courses in Vienna at DeutschAkademie will help you to learn quickly and thoroughly.