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Your German grammar course

  • Start: Every month across the year
  • When: 2x per week (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Course time: 6:15 – 9:15 pm (other times in case of demand)
  • Duration: 3 hours per day, 4 weeks, 24 hours (32 teaching units)
  • Group size: 7 - 12 participants
  • Levels: Grammar course: part 1-4; starting from B1
  • Course location: DeutschAkademie, German language school Vienna, opposite the Opera, Opernring 1, 1010 Vienna or online
  • Price: € 145


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Aim of the German grammar course

Can you already speak German and communicate well in everyday life – but still have problems with grammar? Or do you just want to repeat and improve your German grammar? Then our German course in Berlin is exactly the right fit for you. In three months, you will cover all areas of German grammar. To take part you should already be comfortable with the fundamental concepts of grammar and able to speak German well.


Course book and contents

As grammar book we use the “em Übungsgrammatik” and the following areas are focused on over the course:

Grammar course part I:

  • Nouns (Gender, plural, case, genitive, n-declination, adjective/participle as noun, word formation)
  • Articles (definite and indefinite articles, zero articles, possessive articles)
  • Adjectives (Adjective declinations, article or adjective before a noun), comparative and superlatives, participles as adjectives)

Grammar course part II:

  • Pronouns (Personal pronouns, “es”, “das”, indefinite pronouns, prepositional pronouns)
  • Adverbs
  • Prepositions
  • Particles
  • Verbs I (Present, perfect, simple past, pluperfect, verb complements, verbs with prepositions, reflexive verbs, modal verbs, separable/inseparable verbs)

Grammar course part III:

  • Verbs II (present subjunctive II, past subjunctive II, indirect speech, noun-verb combinations)
  • Syntax (Main sentence, middle field of a sentence, negation, imperative, interrogative sentences, question words,  infinitive + zu, relative clauses, sentences with: dass, als, wenn, während, solange, bis, seit, seitdem, bevor, nachdem, sobald, weil, da, denn, wenn, falls, sofern, sonst, damit, um … zu, so dass, deshalb, infolgedessen, obwohl, trotzdem, dennoch, aber, doch, sondern, während, indem, dadurch … dass, je … desto, als, wie, ohne dass)