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City planner

The Falter:

Anyone learning German in Vienna who wants to know what’s happening in the city will get the best information from the Vienna city newspaper Falter. This weekly appears every Wednesday and is available in tobacconist’s and newsagencies for €2.05. In the middle there is an event calendar, where all events are listed by artistic genre and day of the week.
There is also information about theme and content of the event as well as pleasures or displeasures. The at times mordant commentaries are amusing to read and help to reinforce language knowledge gained at the DeutschAkademie. The Falter makes a comprehensive event calendar available on the internet. Here you can find all dates for theatre, cinema, exhibition openings, etc.: www.falter.at
In the newspaper itself, there are reports about politics and cultural life in the city of Vienna.

Online magazines about Vienna:

Online magazines that report about events in Vienna are www.hauptstadt.at or www.wien.gv.at -these are official Internet pages of the Vienna city council. As well as these online magazines, there are many other event and party calendars. Of course the various organizers and venues also tell you just what’s hip and what’s happening.

Internet cafés:

Vienna has many Internet cafés. even next door to the DeutschAkademie there is a large Internet café with a nice atmosphere. The cost is between two and six euros per hour. Sometimes your have to be registered and buy a credit of 10 or 20 euros. Occasionally buying a drink is enough. the use of the Internet is free with any order.