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German course in Vienna and Nightlife

TIP: Experience Vienna after your German course

A “hot” tip for Vienna nightlife is the “Gürtelmeile”. From the “Josefstädter Strasse” underground station there is a whole string of venues. On weekends you can go out here into the morning hours. Experience Vienna after your German course.

Vienna Restaurant culture

In Vienna restaurants which are not cocktail bars, coffee houses, Heurige or Schanigärten are called Beisl.
Among Heurige people distinguish between those in the area around Vienna and Grinzing and the city Heurige. Here it is mainly wine that is offered-originally and even exclusively fresh wine from the current year. The city Heurige are open the whole year. Most Heurige in the area around Vienna and Grinzing are closed in the winter months.
Schanigarten is what Viennese call the terraces of the Beiseln.
A typical Viennese fast-food eatery is the Würstelstand. The Würstelstand is a snack bar that usually doesn’t open until midday, often even later, but offers sausage variations from hot dogs to “Käsekrainer” long into the night. The Würstelstand is especially popular with young people at night.
Around your German course you will find many good places to eat.

Discos and clubs in Vienna

Good addresses are the U 4 in the twelfth Vienna district (just take the U4 subway from your German course to “Meidlinger Hauptstraße”), the Flex on the Danube Canal between the first and second districts, the dance café Jenseits in the Nelkengasse in the seventh district, or the venues in the Volksgarten in the first Viennese community district, just a few steps from your German course.

Opening hours

Most venues shut around 2 a.m. The venues on the Gürtelmeile are open longer and many shut around 4 a.m.

So after your German course there are many things to do in Vienna!