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Opernring 1, Stiege E,
1010 Vienna (1st District).
Administration in 1st floor

Tel : +43-1-585 73 13

E-Mail : info@deutschakademie.com

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Monday to Thursday
9am - 7pm (CET)
9am - 3pm (CET)

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Your advantages at a glance


Your greatest advantage is our quality and our excellent value for money. This includes our selection of teachers, the communication-oriented teaching methods, precise placement tests, small classes size, etc…

Learn German right in front of the Opera House, Vienna

Your German language courses take place in the middle of Vienna, directly opposite the Opera House. The underground station for three major routes (U1, U2, U4) is only 50 metres away from the school. Apart from that, many buses and tram routes stop right in front of your language school. So the DeutschAkademie is very easy to get to.

Class size: at most 7 to 12 participants in your German course

Number of participants: To guarantee optimal learning outcomes, at most 12 students take part in our German courses. Small groups allow more individual attention. Your teacher is better able to see to your needs, and you have the chance to become actively involved in the learning process. German classes in small groups are invaluable. You learn significantly better and faster.

Prices of our courses

Our prices: our price-performance ratio is outstanding. How is that possible? We do more for you!

Optimal teaching conditions: our teachers

Optimal teaching conditions: experienced Austrian or German teachers. Most of our teachers are trained to teach German as a foreign language in university or as schoolteachers. But training alone is not enough: personality and experience make the difference. Our teachers are subject to very strict selection criteria before the beginning of classes.

This is how the DeutschAkademie guarantees you the best quality: Here you learn the German language quickly and thoroughly.

Modern, communication-oriented and varied teaching methods

To save time, it is important to immediately put into practice what you have learned in your german course. Our communication-oriented teaching method is based on the latest linguistic insights. On this basis, we have built a varied course of instruction, in the course of which your reading, listening, writing, speaking, vocabulary and grammar are developed. You will consolidate your skills quickly with role-playing and work with partners or in groups. The carefully selected course materials, recommended by recognized educationalists, are up-to-date, appealing, and modern!

German is the language of instruction

All teaching in our German classes is conducted exclusively in German. You learn German just as you learned your native language as a child – only quite a lot faster.

Free, no-obligation placement test

To be quite certain you’re in the right German class, we have developed many different tests for you. In our Language Centre we place you in just the right class for your language level.

Very precise placement (12 levels)

With our 12 levels, you’re guaranteed to be able to find a German course corresponding to your knowledge of the language. In your German class, you will meet other students whose needs are the same as or similar to your own. In this way, you learn the German language faster, and can take advantage of other students’ questions and answers.

Wide range of class times

Wide range of class times. Regardless of whether you want to attend a morning or evening German course, we keep your options open.
We offer German courses at the following times: 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., 11:45 a.m.- 02:45 p.m., 3 p.m. – 6 p.m. or 6:15 p.m. – 9:15 p.m.

Intensive and personalized advice

Giving you personal advice is most important to us. It makes sure you invest your money in the right German course. In advising you, we take the time to give you thorough information and to answer any unresolved questions you may have. Here you will always find us willing to listen to your concerns.

Friendly atmosphere

With us, learning is fun, and fun makes learning much easier and more effective. Our teachers are friendly, patient, and helpful. They are committed, and help you break down your language barriers as quickly as possible. Very soon you will be able to communicate independently in German.

In the main office too you are always welcome. Here we are always willing to listen to you and work things out quickly and without red tape. When you come to us, you will feel it: We place great value on friendliness.

Small, international groups

The bringing together of students from different countries will also contribute to the enrichment of your language-learning stay in Vienna. Experience Austrian culture, and analyse it from various points of view. At any time of the year you will be with students from at least 20 different countries.

Courses throughout the year – Selection of German courses

In our German language school we have a suitable course for you all year round: whether it’s a summer German course, preparatory German course or private German tuition, summer language courses, German crash courses or holiday language courses: you can book it all with us.

Individual German course

Individual German tuition (private tuition): compare the terms and conditions at our German language academy with those of other language schools.

German language diplomas for work or study

The DeutschAkademie will prepare you for internationally recognized German language diplomas. You get a better preparation with us, because the German teacher has more time to see to your personal needs in a small group. You can sit for ÖSD examinations and attain the required level to enrol in a university or find a job.

Learn culture as well as German

Our international German language school is also a cultural institute: If you are making a language-learning trip or holiday or attending a summer course in Vienna, you can also book, as well as your German language course, a unique and interesting cultural program.

BLAISE & PASCAL: English and French courses

Together with BLAISE & PASCAL, we also offer courses in other languages. Would you like to learn English or French? We can help you. Whether you want to learn a new language intensively or to brush up what you’ve already learned, we are sure to find the right course for you. Choose between an intensive course, a term-long course, a brush-up course or individual tuition. Did you know that BLAISE & PASCAL also specialize in corporate courses?
The quality of the DeutschAkademie’s courses and those of BLAISE & PASCAL is highly prized by companies like

  • Semperit
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • Essilor Austria
  • Renault
  • Peugeot Austria
  • Société Générale
  • PSK Österreich
  • Schwechater Kabelwerke
  • Kraft Food Europe

among many others.

There are many advantages to learn German in Vienna at DeutschAkademie. The greatest advantages are our German courses in small groups with excellent teachers…