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As it describes itself “only the original”
dont need to say more
Burgkino has not the most amazing screen or bar ..I must admit that
but it is just around the corner and it brings all the new best sellers
(Yesterday watched the Coen brothers)

Opernring 19
1010 Vienna

PS if you have been around there already you must notice a funny detail: “The Third Man” with Welles has been playing on for quite a while now(months!)
probably proud of all the Viennese references?? : )


Here comes the next one

Margaretenstraße 24, 1040 Wien
Tel.: 01/ 58 52 867 (tgl. ab 18 Uhr)

Just a few minutes from the Akademie is the ideal place for me for a movie or a drink (very cool bar)
Also here also the movies are original -no dubbing-but the y vary a bit more from new movies to documentaries to art projects
As for the tickets there are very good offers if you decide to be a member

Gartenbaum kino

I want to share my favorite places in a city.cinemas!
My first favorite in Vienna Gartenbaum kino
It is right next to Stadtpark , a few minutes from U3 Stubentor
I love it because it is cool-really-the space has an old school feel and a super nice bar and space to have drinks(that very often you dont find in cinemas)
It’s movies are in English-sorry but I don’t like dubbed movies!!!

But for French movie lovers
Das Festival Francophone, coming on the 5th of April!

Joseph Anton Koch in Rome

These days at the Akademie
(for free)

Joseph Anton Koch in Rome | Drawings from the Graphic Collection of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

Exhibition | 23.03.2011 – 30.04.2011

Joseph Anton Koch (1768-1839), a native of Tyrol, definitely ranks among the most important representatives of Neo-Classicist landscape painting and drawing. He spent most of his life in Rome, where he, as a markedly integrative personality, became the center of the German artists’ colony. Koch belonged to a generation which aimed at refining the empirical reproduction of nature by means of ideal compositions and the “incorporation of stories,” mostly from mythology.

vienna by

Yesterday a received a link from a friend:
Vienna by Ultravox
hahaha.It’s really cool to see images of the city back from 1981!!
Just for the history:

“Vienna” is a song by the British new wave band Ultravox. The single was released on 15 January 1981, and spent 4 consecutive weeks at #2 in the UK singles chart without ever getting to #1[1]. “Vienna” was kept off the UK #1 slot by John Lennon’s “Woman” for a week, and then most famously by Joe Dolce’s novelty hit, “Shaddap You Face”, for a further 3 weeks[2], although “Vienna” did sell more copies however was ranked as the 5th best selling UK single for 1981. It also won “Single of the Year” at the 1981 Brit Awards. To date, it remains Ultravox’s signature song, being their most commercially successful release and is often performed live on their solo performances.


I want to talk about a famous Austrian writer that perhpas people already know about: Elfride Jelinek
I was first introduced to her work by a greek literature teacher of mine, only later to realise that is actually the writer of the work “the Pianist”
later made into film by M.Hanecke

I find Jelinek a fascinating writer, that deals with an unique way with several difficult issues considering Austrian society. Her books are quite hard, violent and accused by some as pornographic.In general she has been criticized a lot by many people of this country.However she has been recognized by alot more as a prominent writer of her times.She has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2004.

I am currently reading her work “Lust”

For more information one can visit her website:

Wienmuseum-free next Sunday

Just realized April is coming this month
Time is really flying!!
So just a tip:
Every first Sunday of the month The Wienmuseum in Karlsplatz is free and it is definetely worth the visit

I recently saw the exhibition of Trude Fleishmann , one of the most important female photographers in the first part of the 20th Century
I was fascinated from her photographs but also from her personal story. First, she had to compete her work in a male-dominated environment. Then, because of her Jewish origin she was forced to flee into the USA where she continued making amazing works.

Student Point

Just a useful link that for some reason I have forgotten to mention up to now
Universitat Wien-Student Point
For anyone studying or planning to study in Vienna I think it is the right point to ask questions
I had quite a lot of practical issues to resolve when I first came and they helped me quite a lot
Rules and regulations are quite different in countries considering studies so sometimes its trouble if you take things for granted
So save your time and patience by using this link if needed:

6 months

Just two days ago I closed 6 months in Vienna.It seems that time has flied since I first got here. All the work ones has to do in order to settle in a new place.Find a place to live, start learning the language, get to know the city, their neighborhood , the people. Changing places is hard work..But I guess in the case of Vienna it is worth the work. The city rewards you in many ways if you try. Today the hour changed and things seem brighter.I am looking forward to the summer season in Vienna-even though I am sure it is not going to be as warm and sunny as in Greece. Stills feels like the mood of everyone changes as soon as the sun comes out.Like this Friday when everyone was outside having an early beer.The sunny side of life!


Next week is the last week of level B1/2..I am quite happy with how things have been going so far. Basically this month has been more about beginning to write texts, often official or unofficial letters.It is fun for me to get into that since it is a good way to check my grammar and vocabulary and practice more on several themes.Up to now we have written letters to friends as well as answers to newspaper articles and magazines. Apart from writing we have also gotten into more detailed grammar issues. That is revision of old themes plus some newer elements or information.So let’s see what the last week of B1/2 brings!


And yes another movie…this time in a course of the Akademie
Faust, a silent film by F.W.Murnau produced in 1926
The story is based on the book of Goethe
In short the story:

The demon Mephisto has a bet with an Archangel that he can corrupt a righteous man’s soul and destroy in him what is divine. If he succeeds, the Devil will win dominion over earth.The Devil delivers a plague to the village where Faust, an elderly alchemist, lives.In order to save people from the plague he makes a deal with the devil.. However, later, he asks the devil to give him back his youth.After a series of wanderings, Faust desires to return to his homeland. There Faust falls in love with an innocent girl, Gretchen, but he is later framed for the murder of her brother by Satan and must flee . The girl has a child by Faust but when the child dies, she is sent to the stake as a murderess. Faust sees what is happening and demands Satan take him there. Faust arrives just as the fire has been started to burn his lover. Faust wishes he had never asked to have his youth back and runs through the assembled mob towards Gretchen.Transformed into an old man that Faust throws himself onto the fire to be with his beloved.Gretchen recognizes Faust and sees him in her heart as a young man again as the fire consumes them together. The angel reveals to Mephisto that he has lost the bet because love has triumphed over all.