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Austrian treats

Good morning!

Everybody has heard about Vienna’s most famous desserts – apple strudel and cake Sacher. However, I have just recently found out about one more delicious flour dish of Austrian cuisine to be tasted. It’s called Kaiserschmarrn. According to the legend, it was named in such a way due to the fact that it was the favorite meal of the Emperor Franz Joseph I and thus the words Kaiser (emperor) and Schmarren (a scrambled or shredded dish) were combined. There are many legends how the meal was created. One story states that sometimes sweet pancakes beloved by the emperor became too thick or torn during the process of cooking and the cook had to give them to servants as a dish called Kaisershmarrn, because they were not appropriate for the emperor’s table (A Schmarrn des am Kaiser zu servieren – nonsense or rubbish to be served to the emperor). Another legend says that Franz Joseph’s wife was a poor cook and couldn’t flip pancakes efficiently.

You can order Kaiserschmarrn nearly at every restaurant or café in Vienna. I tried it in Mozart café where it seemed to be so tasty that I found the receipt to cook it at home for my parents and friends.

In case you would like to do the same for the preparation of 4 portions you need 1,5 cups of wheat flour, 150 ml or 0,625 cups of milk, 8 chicken eggs, 6 tbsp of sugar, 4 tbsp of raisins and a pinch of salt. The eggs are divided into yolks and whites. Beat the latter until stiff, mix the yolks with flour and then add milk, washed raisins and salt. Beat the mixture until the formation of peaks, gently mix in the dough and add sugar. There are other options of extra ingredients such as almond petals (4 tbsp) and cinnamon (2 tbsp). Moreover, the raisins can be soaked in rum (2 tbsp) after washing.

When the dough is ready it is poured into a pan and fried until the underside is ready. Then the dough in the grilling process is separated into small pieces and fried until a crispy crust is formed. Kaisershmarrn is usually served with vanilla sauce or plum/apple jam and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Bon appetite!

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Travelling from Vienna (Part 2)

Hi there!

Let’s continue the theme of travelling. Today’s post is about the possible trip to Brno.

Have you been to Prague before? It’s also really close to Vienna, however, if you’ve visited the Czech Republic before I bet you’ve chosen the capital of this country and not its so called economic center – Brno. This gothic and great city is situated on the hilly terrain what complements its gratitude and magnificence. According to my experience Brno is quite small to spend there more than one day that is why my advice is to buy one way and return tickets via to come to the city in the morning and leave in the evening.

For one day we have worked out a route around the city which covers all sights necessary to be seen. Starting from the bus station and going to the north of Brno you can observe several main churches: Church of St. Josef, the Church of St. John, The Ossuary of St. James’ Church, The House of the Lords of Lipá and Plague column.

Further in the north Koliště Park is placed where the Christmas market was organized. Nowadays, there are only small shops to buy some sweet treats and an ice rink. If you turn to the left you will see one of the famous Czech Republic educational institutions – Masaryk University. It has several faculty buildings which are quite close to each other. Near the Red Church tourists can change the direction of the route to the south making a circle and go to the favorited by all city visitors sights –  Špilberk Castle and the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.

These places are definitely worth to be seen as in my opinion they can be considered as two most peculiar and distinctive places of Brno. The excursion may be ended at the Vegetable Market Square from where it is easy to get to SKØG Urban Hub or Nok Nok where the dinner and drinks can be ordered. The latter offers national Czech soup which is scrumptious (experimentally tested) and the profiterole of the incredibly huge size. Do not forget to buy famous Czech waffles at any supermarket (they are extremely cheap there) and try Trdelnik of any delicious tastes at Trdlokafe.

Overall, Brno can be viewed as a perfect addition to Prague, which might help you to form more complete perception of the country. Furthermore, if you are a fan of the Gothic architectural style, this city will be certainly remembered by you for a long time.

Best wishes,


Mein Geheimtipp für euch

Hallo zusammen,

heute möchte ich mit euch einen kleinen Ausflugstipp in Wien teilen. Habt ihr schon von Kahlenberg gehört?

Der Kahlenberg ist ein Berg im Döbling. Natürlich gehört zu den Sehenswürdigkeiten der Stadt, aber die Leute, die in Wien wohnen, machen auch gerne einen Sonntagsausflug auf den Kahlenberg. 

Als ich in einem kleinen Dorf aufgewachsen bin, vermisse ich manchmal den Wald und die Natur in Wien. Letztes Mal habe ich den Kahlenberg im Sommer besichtigt, was ich sehr genossen habe. Ich mag dieses Ort, weil das nie voll mit Leuten ist. Man kann die Sicht genießen und ein bisschen die Hektik hinter sich lassen.

Ich hoffe, dass ihr dieses Ort in der Zukunft entdecken werdet. 🙂

Liebe Grüße,


Wie schnell können 3 Wochen vorbei gehen?

Hallo zusammen,

heute besuche ich den Deutschkurs seit 3 Wochen. Nächste Woche beginnt meine letzte vier Tage, deshalb möchte ich ein bisschen zusammenfassen, was ich gelernt habe.

Die erste Woche haben wir uns mit den trennbaren und untrennbaren Verben beschäftigt. Diesen Teil der deutschen Grammatik habe ich nicht so schwer gefunden.

Die zweite Woche haben wir über Konjunktiv I gelernt. Meine Lehrerin hat alles sehr gut erklärt. Früher hatte ich mit Konjunktiv I Probleme, aber nach der verschiedenen Übungen kann ich diese Grammatik einwandfrei benutzen. 
Subjekt -und Objektsätzte sind kein Problem mehr. Wir haben während des Kurses auch geübt, aber wir bekommen immer Hausübungen, die wir jedes Mal korrigieren. Wenn wir etwas nicht verstehen, dann erklärt die Lehrerin den gefragten Lernstoff noch einmal. 🙂

Diese Woche habe ich über die weiterführende Nebensätze gelernt. Natürlich geht der Kurs nicht nur um die Grammatik. Manchmal in Teams, manchmal ganz offen reden wir über unsere Meinungen. Meine Lieblingsthemen waren Dialekten, Soft Skills und Ausbildung.

Ich hoffe, dass meine Zusammenfassung hat euch weitergeholfen und jetzt könnt ihr vorstellen, wie bei uns der Deutschkurs aussieht.

Liebe Grüße,



Musical charm

Hello everybody!

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve started this blog however I still haven’t mentioned the most obvious Vienna’s treasure – musical heritage. Today’s post will rectify the situation.

There is a significant number of articles guiding how to buy cheap tickets to opera. I would like to share my experience of going to Musikverein.

The musical philharmonic of Vienna is situated at Karlsplatz and appeared to be a majestic building of soft pink color. The interior of the building is magnificent as well. The most luxurious decorations characterize The Great Hall of Musikverein, which is also called the “Golden Hall”. Antique female figures, Apollo and muse amaze the visitors, meanwhile the acoustics of the room is famous all over the world. A multimillion audience can watch the New Year concert of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra which is broadcasted from the Great Hall.

Besides the Golden hall there are four more but smaller. My friend and I visited one of these halls and listened to the concert of Viennese virtuosos. Without exaggeration I can say that the sound was magnificent, and the performance took us to the 18th-19th centuries and made us think about the eternal, immaterial and beautiful of this world.

The program of concerts is published on Musikverein website where you can also buy the tickets and book the places.

Despite the positive impression I advise you to choose pieces of music you know because it was quite difficult to distinguish the composers even when we were acquainted with their main musical works.

Best wishes,


Mein Lieblingslokal in Wien

Hallo zusammen,

heute möchte ich mit euch mein Lieblingslokal in Wien teilen. Ich denke, dass nicht so viele von euch “Swing Kitchen” kennt.

Das ist ein veganes Restaurant in Wien, das man auf mehrere Orte finden kann. Man kann sagen, dass das Restaurant zu einer kleinen Restaurantskette gewachsen ist. Als Studentin muss ich auch auf die Preise aufpassen, weil ich immer in meinem Budget bleiben soll. 

Im Restaurant kann man alles finden, was man wünschen kann: Burgers, Wraps, Sides, Salads, Dips, Sweets, Kaffee… echt wie ein Paradies.

Nachdem eine erfolgreiche Prüfung gönne ich mir fast immer einen Burger, weil ich der sehr lecker finde. Natürlich braucht man etwas zu trinken, und für 8.80 € kann man Pommes, einen Burger und ein Getränk bestellen! 🙂

Liebe Grüße,



DeutschAkademie and my German studies

Hello there!

More than 2 weeks of my German classes have passed and I want to share my experience and the overall history of studying the language.

I started learning German at my previous university in Russia as a second foreign language. In order to obtain the opportunity to attend the course free of charge I needed to be ranked among the top 10 best students out of our faculty rating. During the first year I tried to achieve this goal and at the third semester I became one of new German learners. The language was liked by me from the first word that our teacher pronounced. The vocabulary seemed to be similar to English in some ways and reading rules appeared quite easy for me. Throughout the studies we reached B1 level and then I continued learning grammar on my own. Despite the fact that rules can be memorized at home and practiced with exercises the break in speaking affected my progress and led to the gap between the passive knowledge and the ability to use it orally.

Master degree in Vienna gave me the opportunity to continue German studies and my friends advised me DeutschAkademie as the school combining fair prices and good quality. Following their positive reviews I found out that the school provides such advantages as flexible time schedule, different types of courses and groups in account of students’ knowledge and problem areas and opportunities to visit external events such as Stammtisch. That is the reason why I have started the course there and I’ve never regretted my decision. The best things I have experienced so far at DeutschAkademie are the friendly atmosphere, language learning in complex, thematic division which helps to focus on particular vocabulary and the teacher’s help in any incomprehensible aspect.

German is not only important for my everyday life but is also crucial for professional and personal development and these reasons motivate me to study harder. I would like to continue studying at DeutschAkademie during next holidays to finish B2 level of this complicated but at the same time beautiful language.

Best wishes,


Meine Lieblingssehenswürdigkeiten in Wien

Hallo zusammen,

wart ihr schon in Wien? Was würdet ihr machen, wenn ihr einen Monat in Wien verbringen könntet? Ich würde gerne mit euch meine Lieblingssehenswürdigkeiten teilen, um einige Ideen zu geben.

Natürlich ist die Stadt sehr groß, aber ein Monat in Wien zu verbringen? Diese Zeit ist genug für alles, was man sich vorstellen kann.

Eines meiner Lieblingssehenswürdigkeiten ist der Donauturm. Donauturm ist ein Aussichtsturm in

Wien. Wegen der Gesamthöhe des Turmes kann man die Stadt genau beobachten. Ich würde euch empfehlen, den Turm beim Sonnenuntergang zu besichtigen, weil man den Anblick auf die Stadt nie vergessen kann. 

Neben dem Donauturm muss ich auch den Karlsplatz erwähnen. Im Sommer ist der Platz sehr beliebt. Die Leute sitzen auf den Bänken und genießen den Sonnenschein. Die Atmosphäre mag ich sehr dort. Die Karlskirche gehört zum Karlsplatz, was ich auch wunderbar finde. Die Karlskirche ist eine römisch-katolische Kirche, die unter Denkmalschutz steht.

Ich hoffe, wenn ihr in der Zukunft Wien besuchen werdet, werdet ihr auch diese Sehenswürdigkeiten besichtigen. 🙂

Liebe Grüße,


Demel chocolaterie

Good afternoon, guys!

This post is devoted to all readers who have a weakness for sweets, chocolate and cakes and those who are interested or eager to learn a part of the Vienna’s culinary history.

Demel is a pastry shop at Kohlmarkt 14 established by Ludwig Dehne in 1786. The original name of the chocolaterie is the surname of the founder’s journeyman Christoph Demel who bought the pastry shop after the death of Ludwig Dehne. The place is also titled Hofzuckerbäcker due to the fact that the shop was chosen as a supplier of the imperial court. Nowadays candied petals of violets which were delivered to Vienna’s imperial family are the most favorable treats of tourists.

Besides them you can also buy typical Austrian apple strudel and Sacher there. However, Demel’s Sacher is different from others as it has no middle layer of apricot confiture in contrast to one baked in Hotel Sacher. The thing is that Franz Zacher’s cake recipe was supplemented by his son during his training program in this confectionery what led to the conflict regarding the rights to the name between Demel and hotel. Thus, today they use different recipes. An innumerate number of other cakes, sweets and famous gingerbreads is also provided for guests.

Furthermore, every time you come there you can see how cook assistants are working on the creation of delicious desserts through the glass panel separating the cafe room from the kitchen.

Enjoy not only the taste but also the process of Demel’s cakes and sweets preparation.

Best wishes,


Thank you! Vielen Dank! Χίλια ευχαριστώ!

I would like to say a big “THANK YOU” to DeutschAkademie for giving me the opportunity to express my thoughts about their German course and Vienna. It was such an amazing experience writing to their blog! The journey doesn’t finish here because I am very impatient to read more blog entries from other students of DeutschAkademie. I can’t wait! Are you ready?

Liebe Grüße,

With much love,

Με πολλή αγάπη,

Sofia <3

Grammatik üben zu Hause

Hallo zusammen,

ich glaube, dass jeder, der Deutsch lernt, kann mit mir einverstanden sein. Die deutsche Grammatik ist nicht so einfach und mann sollte nach jedem Kurstag zu Hause üben.

Ich habe Glück, weil wir an dem Kurs immer auch Übungen machen, deshalb habe ich keinen Grammatiktrainer, sondern trainiere ich mich zu Hause. Ich hatte Probleme mit der Konjunktiv I, aber DeutschAkademie hat eine Möglichkeit für Deutsch lernende. 

Es gibt auf dem Internet einen Grammatikkurs, der für alle günstig ist. Mann muss für diese Grammatikübungen nicht bezahlen, deshalb würde ich an deiner Stelle unbedingt anschauen. 🙂

Ich habe ein Heft nur für die deutsche Grammatik. Organisation beim Lernen finde ich sehr wichtig, damit man immer den gelernten Stoff leicht wiederholen kann. 🙂

Liebe Grüße,