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Learning German on a Daily Basis

I really liked today’s class. We were learning about writing complain letters. As we order more and more things online, this can be a very important lesson 🙂 It also shows how to write a formal letter to a company or to an Authority.
DeutschAkademie gives us relevant information every day, it prepares us to be independent outside the class.

Actually this is what motivates me to learn every single day and practice in the weekends. To be independent. To be able to read articles, news, watch a movie or do a simple Google search in German. There are a few series in the TV in Viennese dialect. I would get closer to the famous Austrian humor by watching it. I would like to read books or stories which are only available in German.

Our teacher at the course in wonderful. She explains everything so clearly that it makes us understand the difficult grammar rules easier. She is also patient. Sometimes we ask the same questions all over again and she still answers and want to make sure we got it.

There are only 12 students in the class which makes an atmosphere where it is easier to learn. We practice and play grammar games a lot, it is good, because we use immediately what we have learned.

Just find the perfect company for studying

Why did I chose to learn German?

When I married to a handsome Austrian man it became clear that, some time, maybe not in the very distant future I will have to learn German. Just to be able to communicate with the family or raising kids together.
Well, we were living in California, so I wasn’t very motivated. I wanted to show him that I’m interested in his culture so I started an on-line course but, I didn’t get further than the basics.
The city where we lived was founded by a Swiss man though, and a lot of German people moved there to find their luck during the gold rush. It has a huge German community (from first generation Germans to German descendants), they have an official beer fest, most of the women own at least one dirndl (sometimes more) and Heidi is a really common name. The local Turnverein offers German lessons and they are sold out fast.

When my husband got his new position in Vienna, I was shocked. I knew that without speaking the language I won’t find a good job and I didn’t want to sit at home. So I decided to learn German in all my free time but, I was too worried so I drove to San Francisco instead 🙂 It calmed me down, our moving date seemed far enough. We had only two months left…

So I came to Vienna with a very basic knowledge (level A1.1)
which of course wasn’t enough for anything. We started to look for courses. I wanted something very intensive where I can feel motivated and we practice a lot. My husband found DeutschAkademie, it had really good reviews so we decided to give it a try.
I had to write a test to see which level I could fit in. In March I started A1.2. I knew most of the things already but I couldn’t use them, I recognized the words but they didn’t come to my mind in everyday situations, I mixed up the articles and the “Personalpronomen”.
Our teacher was wonderful. Patient over all 🙂 We were practicing a lot, we were forced to talk, create sentences, use the proper articles.
I absolutely loved it! Slowly, my German started to improve. First I was too shy to talk, what if I mix up the articles or use dativ instead of akkusativ? Well, who cares? Just talk as much as possible and it will get better.

Last week we visited my mother in law again and we could have our first real conversation! I was very proud of myself – also my husband. Hard work really pays off 🙂

Find someone who can support you while studying:

Just find the perfect company for studying

Shout-out to DeutschAkademie

This Thursday was the final day of my B2.1 course here in Deutschakademie. In total, I’ve spent 2 months studying here, and one more is just around the corner, so hopefully I’ll reach the B2 level soon.

So, how can I sum up my experience here? In one word: just awesome. To be fair, I couldn’t imagine that my German would improve so much over these 2 months: I’ve learned tons of new grammar, trained my listening and reading skills, became more confident at speaking, and, of course, learned a huge amount of new vocabulary. It’s amazing how much information and knowledge has been given to me and my classmates during the courses, and even more fascinating was the way we were taught: fun, easy and informal. All this combined led to great productivity and awesome language improvement results for all of us.

Sounds like a cool environment to skyrocket your German skills? Then DeutschAkademie is the right place for you. Check out the next course dates and register now! Don’t believe the rumors, life is not too short to learn German.

I’m wishing every one of you a great time in Vienna and a lot of success in mastering German. Choose DeutschAkademie and very soon you’ll nail your coffee house orders or you’ll even be able to see the best theatre shows in German. Hope I managed to share some ideas about Viennese activities through my tips and observations, which I’ve posted during the last month. Anyway, the best way to learn Vienna (as well as any other place) is just to go out and explore. In Vienna you can do it endlessly.

Best wishes and good luck,


B1.2 is over!

Yesterday was the last day of my B1.2 intensive course here in DeutschAkademie. Long story short: it was so, so, SO good! That’s why in this post I want to tell you more about my progress, the course itself and my impressions about it.

To be honest, before the beginning of the classes, I was slightly worried about the course level I was put into, but eventually it turned out to be a perfect fit. I have already done a couple of intensive courses in my home country before the beginning of this one, so I knew what to expect from it. An intensive course is usually a perfect and balanced mix of reading, listening, writing, and, of course, speaking: your brain works non-stop during the class, and even after the end of it you still think about German 🙂 However, don’t worry about the big amount of workload – doing an intensive course is easier than it sounds! The atmosphere in the class is very nice and informal, everyone has more or less the same language level – that’s a perfect environment to learn (also from each other’s mistakes!). And of course I totally must mention the importance of the teacher: my class had an absolutely professional, competent and super friendly one! He was keeping us motivated and concentrated during the whole course, and he was very supportive, which I find very important in learning. But I’m pretty sure that this description applies to all teachers in DeutschAkademie.

Class routine at DeutschAkademie

So, did I learn a lot during this month? No. In fact, I learned a massive amount of stuff! Finally all the grammar gaps in my mind have started to fill themselves, now I’m able to express myself much better, both in speaking and writing. One thing I need to work harder though, is my vocabulary. But this 100% depends on me: I can access all the possibly existing German words straight from my laptop, which can be used not only for endless Internet surfing 🙂 Just a little less procrastination and it’s all good!

P.S. The course was so much fun, that I’ve decided to continue further! Very excited to start B2.1 next Monday and to learn more of those cheeky grammar rules & verb conjugations!

Hallo to all fellow German learners!

Hi there!
My name is Viktoriia and during this month I will be sharing my experience in learning German and exploring Vienna. Well, actually, the last thing we will be doing together with you, my dear reader! 🙂

Something about me: I’m 19 years old and I’m originally from the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. I’ve spent half of my childhood in Kazakhstan, then returned back to my homeland and at the age of 17 I’ve moved to Finland to study in a university. But I guess an inner wanderlust has always been hidden inside me, probably that’s the explanation of why I’ve changed places again? Now I’m here in beautiful Vienna doing my Erasmus exchange year since September 2016 and I absolutely love it. I couldn’t make up my mind about the place for my exchange for a very long time, but finally Vienna won my heart, because of all amazing things and opportunities this city offers, and of course because I can improve my German here. And you know what? I didn’t regret my decision for any single second! There’s so much to see, try and experience here – in this city, “more” is never “enough”.

At some point of my stay I have realized that maybe it was the time to take the opportunity of living in a German-speaking city more seriously, and that’s how I ended up doing an intensive course here at DeutschAkademie. I’m studying B1.2 level now, and have already secured my spot for the next-level course – B2.1. To be fair, I couldn’t have wished for a better German course, I love everything about it! But I’ll tell you more about it in the future posts. For now, enjoy these pictures of wonderful Vienna 🙂


Stay tuned!

Cheers, Viktoriia








Wir ziehen den Endspurt an!!!―ラストスパート!!!



さて、昨日・今日で学んだ内容を取り上げたいと思います。まず、Konjunktion―接続詞による新たな表現を勉強しました。接続詞の種類によって語順が変化したり、文中にコンマが必要になったりするので、それぞれの接続詞について、既習のものも含め細かく確認しながら進んでいきました。次に、以前の投稿でご紹介したKonjunktiv Ⅱ im Perfekt―接続法第Ⅱ式(過去/完了形)について、復習をしつつ更に奥深いところまで勉強を進めました。そして、長文読解を通してPlusquamperfekt―過去完了形に触れ、主にどういった場面で過去完了形を使うのかについて勉強しました。

X-Celsior Caffè Barにてコースの後、クラスメートと共に


Osterferien und Sommerzeit―イースター休暇とサマータイム


人形劇の様子Kalvarienberg Festの人形劇の様子

イースター当日に訪れたFreyungでのウィーンの伝統的なイースターマーケットも、Altwiener Ostermarktの様子イースター翌日の月曜日(移動祝祭日)に訪れたシェーンブルン宮殿でのイースターマーケットも、







まず、Konjunktiv Ⅱ im Perfekt―接続法第Ⅱ式(過去/完了形)について勉強しました。Konjunktiv Ⅱ im Präsens―接続法第Ⅱ式(現在)、つまり現在における願望や仮定(もし~だったら…するのに)を述べる方法については既に学習していたのですが、いつの間にか頭からすっかり抜けてしまっていたのでその復習から始め、その時制が過去になった場合には完了形を用いることを学びました。

次に、Zweiteilige Konjunktionen―接続詞の組み合わせ等による表現について勉強しました。
entweder A oder B(AかBか)、sowohl A als auch B・nicht nur A sondern auch B(AもBも)、weder A noch B(AもBも~ない)、zwar A aber B(Aを~するけれどBを…する)、einerseits A andererseits B(一方ではA他方ではB)、je A desto B(AすればするほどBする)、als ob~(~かのように)、um…zu 不定詞(目的を表す)

また、Adjektive aus Partizip Präsens―現在分詞を用いた形容詞とAdjektive aus Partizip Perfekt―過去分詞を用いた形容詞について勉強しました。それぞれの分詞の元となる動詞が自動詞であるのか、他動詞であるのかを考え、その形容詞に相応しい被修飾語、そして文を編み出すのは容易ではありませんでした。






Zum Scharfen ReneにてZum scharfen Reneにてこちらのお店は先述のランキングで第1位を獲得しています。楽友協会とコンツェルトハウスの間にあるシュヴァルツェンベルグ広場に面したお店で、店員さんはとても明るくて気さくな方でした。営業していない日もあるので、お店が開いているのを見たら是非立ち寄ってみて下さい。






また、DeutschAkademieが提供しているOnline Deutschkursは大変お勧めです。サイトの最上部に表示されている黒いバーのVersionという文字の右にあるイギリスの国旗マークを押すと、このページの説明が英語に切り替わります。私は、緑色のPractice Germanと書かれたボタンを選び、ページが切り替わった先でPractice your German levelを選び、更にページが切り替わった先で自分のレベルを選び、その先で出題テーマ、問題数を選んで勉強しています。

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