Good Afternoon again! 😀 😀

How are you? I couldn´t write these days because I had  a lot of things to do.( Deutsch Prüfung, Goodbye meetings, Donau Barbecue, Donaufestival etc…)

But don´t worry, I will explain to you all of this events!

First I want to start with the exam.

Last Thursday I had a Prüfung with the rest of my classmates. Well, as you could see in the picture I studied hard!


If you want to do an intensive course you have to study every day or at least try to refresh your new knowledge.

We have learnt a lot of grammar and making an exam is the best way to keep it because with exams,you have pressure and you study harder.

In these two week we have learnt a new tense, Pluquamperfekt, and how we should use it with the others tenses like Perfekt or Präteritum.

We refreshed the declination of adjectives that depend of which FALL they are.

Another grammar point was the comparative and superlative adjectives.

It was new for me but thanks to my teacher I could understand that properly.

It wasn´t difficult… but the problem appeared when we had to decline them as we usually do with the normal adjectives…  What do you thing about this rule? Hard right?

What else…

Ah yes! The last grammar point was connectors.

We learnt three types of connectors, reason connectors ( weil/da,den), counter-argument connectors( Obwohl, trotzdem) and consequence connectors ( so…dass,sodas,deshalb,darum, deswegen).

You should have to be careful with them. Depending on which of this words you want to use, the way to write the sentence is different. The meaning is the same but you have to put the verb in an exactly position.

After some hours of studying… it´s not so hard as I thought.

I hope you don´t have problems with them!

Study hard!!

PD: I got a Sehr gut :D!

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