Hier ist etwas neues Vokabular ich habe gelearnt….

Das Dachgeschoss = roof … funny because i knew Erdgeschoss (ground floor) probably because it’s way more commonly used compared to roof.

der Rauchfang = chimney. this i would never have looked up on my own. i ,ean about how many times you say “chimney” in a day?

as a little side note… there is a slight difference in vocabulary between german speaking german people and german speaking austrian people. its great that my teacher Anna points out two different ways to say something. Important because we are not living in Germany!

der Spiegel = mirror … useful for women ­čśë

die Schublade = drawer

one this i have done to help my vocal along is make small sticky notes around my house that says the german name for whatever it is.

image image image

im not sure exactly how helpful this is for everyone. but it helps me. and as long as the people/ person you live with doesn’t mind.

der Witz = joke

einfach = easy, simple, single

klappen, hat geklappt = fold

“das sieht gut aus” = that looks good

die Beratung = advice

au├čerdem = as well as

erlben, hat erlebt = experience

in class we are working a lot with dativ, akkusative and nomiative cases. we are not yet allowed to work on genetive case. i mean, the instructor told us that we shouldn’t concern ourselves with that tense because we are not profiient enough to use it properly.




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