Day 3: Music in Vienna

Blog 3 von Oane

DeutschAkademie is located in a central part of Vienna, with a major landmark across the street.  This is the world-famous Opera House.


DeutschAkademie is across the street from one of the most famous landmarks in Vienna, the Opera House.

But the Opera House is not the only musical landmark in the neighbourhood. The Wiener Musikverein is a concert hall around the corner from our school.  Opened in 1870, it is famous for its acoustics. Many people also know its New Year’s Concert as it is broadcast around the world every year. 

Like many music venues in Vienna, audience members can buy a seat ticket or a more affordable standing ticket. Occasionally, however, there are also complimentary tickets for special occasions, such as through online forums like the Kulture Klub website.  This is how recently, a group of friends and I spent an evening listening to the best-known Austrian music as well as more recent pieces by contemporary composers.

For Musikverein interior: The lavish interior of the Musikverein’s main hall.