Day 4: Games

Blog 4 von Oane

Our teacher in our DeutschAkademie classes always ends the class with a game.  We have played card games like Tabu, roll-the-dice games, charades, and more.

In our intensive course every morning, spending the last minutes playing a game is a perfect way to power down after three hours of practice.

The school has a library of games and our teacher sometimes asks what we feel like playing.

As a board gamer back in Canada, I used to play different German games.

Among these so-called Eurogames, which require more strategy than luck and use different scoring methods, Settlers of Catan is the most famous.

I loved playing Agricola, Thurn und Taxis, and Carcassonne. Thus learning game vocabulary as we play games in class will be useful in the future when I try out my favourite games in German at one of the board game cafes in Vienna.