Day 5: Würstelstands in Vienna

Blog 5 von Oana

Each day, we get a short break during our classes at DeutschAkademie here in Vienna. Some of us bring a snack. Some of us run across the street to the supermarket to get a pastry or a sandwich. But right outside the school’s doors, we also have one of the ubiquitous sausage stands, or Würstelstands. These small buildings with a tiny kitchen and a takeout counter are on all the busiest street in Vienna. Most people order and eat standing up at the counter.

Probably the most popular item on the menu in Austria is the Käsekrainer. 

of course means “cheese” in German, and these sausages are made of pork and cheese.

The sausage is cut into bitesize pieces and served with mustard and a Semmel bun. Beer is also a popular accompaniment, though perhaps not during our break from class in the morning. 

Other sausages on the menu include names that English-speakers know, like the Bratwurst and of course the hotdog.


Occasionally, there is the Bosna: a sausage in a bun with onions, condiments and curry powder.