Day 6: class discussions

Blog 6 von Oane

In today’s class, our textbook had a unit on German newspapers, thus our class discussion (in German) was about Austrian newspapers. The textbook’s topics often provide a launchpad for lively chats. With the new vocabulary we just learned, it is also easier to join in the discussion. Combining the new vocabulary with our everyday experiences makes it easier to remember all the new words. So far we discussed in different chapters what we want in our futures (when we learned the Futur I tense) and our most outlandish dreams (for the Konjunktiv II).

With the diverse backgrounds of the students in my class, during the chapter on jobs, we also got to know each better.  We learned what it is like studying to be a doctor in Albania, working as a bartender in Vienna, and playing the viola in an orchestra. We may still have a long way to go before we are speaking German fluently, but we can already do so much. And there are a lot of resources for us.

This morning, on the topic of newspapers, one student showed us a special magazine for German learners. It is a three-minute magazine where students only need that long to read the articles. Though we are still far from reading German-language newspapers with ease, there are some accessible periodicals for us to practice.