Adieu Level A2, Willkommen B1. Step by step to the next level

All good things must come to an end, the saying goes, but fortunately, good things are generally followed by something better. This has been the experience at Deutsch Academy as well. Having been here for three months, I can testify that the time spent here only becomes more fun and productive with every passing day, week and month. As many students will say, German is by no means an easy language to learn and neither is cramming in all the rules, cases and exceptions that fun, but this is exactly what makes Deutsch Academy special – effective coaching and an effort to make learning fun.

Last week marked the end of another monthly batch at the academy with everyone satisfied and happy at the progress we had made. As usual, its a relief to have made it through a heavily loaded intensive course, when everything is packed into 4 short weeks, but the rewards are definitely worth all the effort we have put in. So here we are, having made it to the other side, often doing well, sometimes barely holding on to the pace of course and sometimes getting through by just being goofy.

Sometimes impressive, sometimes goofy, but always fun!

The course ending is also marked with nostalgia. In a surprisingly short period of time, we build strong relationships with our fellow students and the course instructors and then when the inevitable tides of change come sweeping in at the end of the course, its time to bid goodby to those who have to move out. Its quite moving that people coming from different corners of the globe, sometimes barely able to communicate with each other without an online translation tool can build lasting friendships after facing a common challenge and having helped each other in the class and with coursework outside. The friends we make are also perhaps one of the best takeaways from the time spent here.

Thanks Deutsch Academy! See you next month!

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