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Funny stories and how to learn new words in german

B: – Hey Sampa, yesterday a big animal was in Robin’s room. We should open the window, and maybe the animal can go away, because I don’t want to touch it!!!

S: – Which animal?
B: – This animal which jumps, you know? (I started to jump)
S: – Kangaroo?????
B: – No, no kangaroo, hahahaha. How can a kangaroo jump throw the window?
S: – Yes, that is a kangaroo. The animal which jumps like this (she started to jump) is a kangaroo.
B: – Hahahahaha, noooooo, come, I will show you!!!!
(We were coming to the room)
B: – WTF? The door is open, why is it open?????
S: – I opened to clean the room!
B: – Nooooo, now the animal can be somewhere else in the house!!!! Close it, close it again!!!!
S: – Now you scared me!!!! Was is a rat?
B: – Nooooooo, I will show you on Google (I wrote the word “saltamontes” in Google). Is this!!!!
S: – Aaaaaah, that is a “Heuschrecken”!!!

der Heuschrecken = Grasshopper (english) or saltamontes (spanish).

schrecken = to scare.


Mi clase

Llevo una semana en DeutschAkademie, y ahora sí puedo escribir sobre mi percepción de las clases y el método de impartirlas, aunque supongo que esto dependerá en su mayor parte del profesor y también de la predisposición de cada uno. Estoy muy contenta con mi profe y mis compañeros, que vienen de Polonia, Grecia, USA, España, Turquía, Georgia… Un ambiente internacional muy bueno =)

That’s me!

Hello everyone!

I will start my first post in english, therefore most of you will understand me better =) By the way, I will write also some posts in spanish, some of them in english, and so on.

My name is Beatriz, I am spanish, from Madrid, 26 years old, recently graduated in UK. I decided to come to Vienna due to the job opportunities, as most of you may know, Spain is not in the best conditions right now to look for a job. My boyfriend is from Vienna as well, that’s why I chose this place to start my new life!

Apart from that, the city is absolutely marvelous and reminds me to Madrid a lot!