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Melbourne city compared to Vienna City

Now I have been living in Vienna for a bit over a month. I’m loving it a lot and surprisingly last year the winner of worlds most liveable city was Melbourne, and this year it was Vienna! So I’m very lucky to have been able to live in both.

I love the Melbourne’s vibe and atmosphere but Melbourne could learn a lot from Vienna. I am very impressed with Vienna’s public transport system. Always on time and on schedule. Melbourne is not so good with the public transport. I guess something I miss a lot about Melbourne is I was only 10 minutes away from the beach. In Vienna of course there are no oceans surrounding it but nothing can beat the Donau River!

Also, Australia is a much younger country than Austria and what I love about Vienna is that they have a wonderful rich History.


Life in Vienna

I’m really enjoying my time in Vienna but of course it is very different to Melbourne and I miss my Melbourne life very much. I’m also very much enjoying the Wiener Staatsoper but have gotten myself lots of pain all over my body which I need to recover from as soon as I can. A ballet dancer comes with the responsibility of self care.

This week at the Deutsch Akademie was so awesome, I loved it a lot but lots to take in and revision to do over the weekend. Looking forward to next week!

Birthdays, family and languages

Today we began our class with learning how to say our birthdays. As we learnt numbers yesterday it was good practice to use what we learnt and say our date of birth.

We played a game of memory to learn the names of the family. Such as Großvater, Eltern, Geschwister, Mutter and many more.

Since we had learnt many sentences regarding introductory greetings, we wrote what we knew so far all out. And so today we were told tomorrow will be a small test! So no homework but it’s still very hard for me to understand all the different articles. But I am excited to see how much I really understand and I guess I will find out tomorrow!


Was machst du beruflich?

Today, we learnt more question used in general greetings.

We learnt to say different professions in German by doing a word search and trying to find a word we may think is correct. I think this is a really interesting way of learning words because you don’t need to be scared about if it is correct or incorrect.

We also started to familiarise our selves with the present indicatives. This is what is most difficult for me as there are many ways of using a single word but must be changed depending on who you are referring or speaking to. Such as the word haben. I am –  ich habe, you have – du hast, we have – wir haben.




My name is Hana and I am 16 years old. I have come from Australia to study ballet at the Wiener Staatsoper Ballett Akademie.

I am very excited for my new independent life style here in Vienna! To make my studies worthwhile it is crucial for me to understand the German language so I can take on board the corrections that I get in ballet school that are in German.

And that is why I will be starting at Deutsch Akademie Wien. After going into the Akademie to have a look, I found the building facility is very nice and all the staff are very friendly and I am looking forward to my first class!

Hallo! Wie geht es dir?

Today was the first day of the A1.1 Course! I was very excited to see how the first class played out.

We began with basic introductory work such as general greetings, alphabets and understanding the basic words used in everyday conversations. There are many nationalities in my class. Canada, China, Spain, Ukraine and others.  

The course book is really clear and easy to understand, and so are the teachers but it is definitely a challenge to learn and listen everything in German! But that is why I have joined the Deutsch Akademie Wien. After the first day, I feel very excited for what there is to learn for the rest of the 4 weeks!