Born to be the best teacher ever!

Teacher of foreign languages is one of the most interesting and cognitive professions all over the world. Its representatives should not only speak fluently but also know a lot of things. In our case, the teacher of German language should know the culture and traditions of Germany and Austria. Besides, a good teacher should pass on his knowledge to students and instill in them the love for the language.

Sometimes, there is a situation when you cannot discover your talent for learning a language. In this case, you need an excellent teacher to help you. Thank God, this is the very teacher I met in DeutschAkademie! I encourage all the teachers to take an example from her. Her name is Anita. She is a rather young and attractive girl. To my mind, Anita knows German perfectly. She is dedicated to what she does and cares about her students. Moreover, she enjoys teaching us! Every lesson we find out something interesting and new. Anita develops in us the desire to know German better. She is very mature, patient and wise. That is why when she meets a lot of challenges and hardships in her work, she does not give up.

To sum it up, I would like to say that Anita is the teacher by vocation! I always look forward to the next German class. Anita is the best German teacher I have ever had. That is why I will always appreciate her work.