Donauturm – The Second Best View Over Vienna?

In my recent post I have solemnly proclaimed the top of the DC Tower as the best place to enjoy amazing views over Vienna. I’m still not abandoning my words, but today I have explored one more brilliant place to do so: Donauturm – the Danube Tower.

Donauturm, like the DC Tower, is located in the area of Donau City, so you’ll get very similar views from  the both of them. However, one big perk of choosing Donauturm is that you’ll see the DC Tower from there in all its beauty, while you obviously can’t do that from the skyscraper itself.

Small New York in Vienna, huh? On this isle you’ll find the United Nations building, offices of many international companies, fancy restaurants and modern apartment blocks. The buildings in Donau City are quite tall for Viennese standards, but from the Donauturm even they look like a bunch of children construction toys.

Standing there on the height of 155 meters, I couldn’t help but ask myself a question: how is it possible not to be in love with Vienna? Even in the gloomy weather like today, this city feels special and inspires you to the core. How can one not admire Vienna, having visited it once? I guess I’ll never be able to find proper answers.