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Hi to everyone again! Today I would like to tell you about a place with one of the best desserts in Vienna. And believe me, when I call it the best, I know my stuff, because I am a pro when it comes to sweets. 🙂 It is not a fancy place, on the opposite, it is very casual, so anyone can afford it really!

The place I am talking about is an Italian (obviously!) café/restaurant called Gelateria Castelletto. Do not let the word gelateria mislead you because they do not only serve ice-cream but they also have a huge menu of different Italian, Austrian and international dishes that are absolutely delicious and are a great price-quality bargain. Nevertheless, as much as I love this place, I usually come there specifically for its amazing range of various awesomely-looking desserts that they serve in different forms and variations. Their dessert menu is so large that it usually takes people ages to choose what they want (true story!), and whatever you choose it will definitely be amazing!  I highly recommend you to go there if you haven’t done it yet and explore it for yourself. You can find this café in SCS shopping centre, and Stephansplatz, but my favourite location of theirs is actually at Schwedenplatz, because I think it’s the coziest one.

P.S.: The dessert on the picture is my favourite – banana crepes with Nutella, ice-cream, cream and nuts 🙂 But I suggest you to try more ! 😉

More posts to come, stay tuned!

Best wishes to all,

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