My weekend in Kapfenberg

After a Friday with no German lesson, but full of math for the cryptography course. It came Saturday. And there I was on the road again. Yes on the road to Kapfenberg. Kapfenberg a small City in the province of Styria, in witch I am doing my master degree studies  at Fh-Joanneum University of Applied Science. So because it is a part time master degree program I have decided to live in Vienna and to travel there only for the weekends.

Kapfenberg is  a really nice small city sounded by mountains. The journey by train takes about two hours but offers really spectacular views. Also it is not far from Graz the second biggest city in Austria, it only takes about half an hour by train.

And as  we all know the public transport infrastructure in Austria in on of the best in Europe. I have never experience any delay or problems with them.

That’s all for now about my weekend.

You will get more about Kapfenberg next Monday also some pictures.

2 thoughts on “My weekend in Kapfenberg

  1. Vera


    so interesting to read that you are going to Styria every weekend. I’m from Styria, was born there and can only manage to go there once every couple of months – but don’t you love the mountains? I sure do. 🙂 Hopefully you know how to ski, otherwise you must learn it this winter!

    Bis bald,

  2. ivan


    it sounds amazing!!

    i’m planning to work in Wien soon through my university but i’m thinking also about studying there…

    i found also a link with the FH-Joanneum and it would be really interesting to apply there too, even more for a IT-Security master…

    what about the part time master? it sounds great… how it works is easy to manage?

    please let me know some more details if you can,

    best regards,


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