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Online Deutschkurs

Deutsch Akademie offers us a free tool to practice wherever we are and whenever we want. This is the online course, which is available through their website:


It offers more than 20.000 grammar and vocabulary exercises, forums where teachers answer our questions and clear explanation of grammar rules. The exercises are organized according to different levels and the course book so it can be a great supplement for the course.

When you click “practice German” it offers you three choices depending on what you would like to do. You can select by your level or by grammar topic. It is really easy to use and can be very helpful to improve your German.
When the questions appear, you choose the solution and it immediately shows if you made a good decision or not.

I find practicing crucial. I started to talk but I am still very slow and shy – this is what can be improved by practicing on a daily basis. Watch TV, read a book, use the online course and you will improve day by day.

Feedback und Kommentare zum Grammatiktrainer

Hier könnt ihr Kommentare und Feedback zu dem kostenlosen Online Grammatiktrainer der DeutschAkademie abgeben. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn ihr uns schreibt, wie euch der Grammatiktrainer gefällt, was ihr bis jetzt durch den Grammatiktrainer gelernt habt und welche Grammatikthemen euch noch interessieren würden.

Wir freuen uns auf eure Beiträge!

Euer DeutschAkademie Team