The Ballroom, but not in February


When you visit the Opera in Vienna is very normal to look forward to seeing the ball room. Is it as charming as it is in the pictures? Are there still ladies in white? Galant gentlemen?  Or just the organizers, preparing for next year? Flowers everywhere? Music? Waltzes?

Unfortunately, neither of these previously named are there. Half of the ballroom is taken by the stage itself and the audience, the chairs, the passing lines, etc. etc. and the other half is just backstage. There, in the backstage area is the place where all the shows are made ready, all the costumes are brought, all the singers are losing emotions, all the peace of mind is brought together for the singers to perform fantastically.

This second part of the stage is just a backstage all the time, nothing special during the other 11 months of the year. Unfortunately, we cannot enjoy the ball’s view and arrangements all year long!


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