Weekend Activities – HundertwasserHaus

Blog 14 von Weronika

Friedrich Stowasser, better known by his pseudonym Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hundertwasser, was an Austrian visual artist and architect, who was very opposed to the idea of “straight lines” and any “standard” or “typical” ideas.

So, his art is characterised by its uniqueness. One of his most famous works is HundertwasserHaus in Vienna, it’s a very unusual apartment from both the outside and inside.

The outside of the building is very colourful and a varied mix of patterns and building materials. It really stands out from the surrounding buildings. Inside the apartment you will find uneven flooring, grass roofing and other peculiar sights. It’s a very unique tourist attraction that is worth visiting even just to see from outside. The museum inside is currently closed until early 2024, so sadly I couldn’t visit it.