Nachdem ich ins Museum gegangen war, studierte ich

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Nachdem ich ins Museum gegangen war, studierte ich

Today it was a turn of the Museum of Art History. It is one of the most important art museums in the world. And I feel very lucky, that I have time and opportunity to visit it in an awesome company of my friend.

This museum has a very reach collection of many famous paintings of Renaissance and Baroque pictures of the Italian, French, Spanish, German and Flemish schools.  In addition to its many famous paintings, Kunsthistorische Museum contains collection of Egypt and Middle East, collection of Greek and Roman antiquities, Kunstkamera, Numismatic cabinet and Scientific Library.

I enjoyed beautiful tapestry assembly as well as fascinating western European Sculpture. Magnificence of the ancient Egyptian art was breathtaking. Basically I loved everything about the Museum of Art History. Not only the galleries, but everything there. Even the walls, the ceiling and the staircase, Cupola of the museum and the statues inside and outside. All are unique and precious works of art.

In conclusion I will definitely visit it once more and recommend to all of my friends.  It is an amazing experience and I realized once more how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful city.

My staying here will be even more interesting and full when I will fluently speak German. So I go to study now. Hopefully the next week will be as exciting as this one.

Bis Bald,