Behind the Splendor of the Palaces

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Behind the Splendor of the Palaces

Today after the classes I went to Shönbrunn. I have met with my friend at a main entrance. We have taken a ticket for entering the museum, and our turn was in one hour, so we went to explore the garden and the fountains. And, of course, we have taken a lot if pictures of each other. We were trying to imagine, how life of the nobles was when they were walking in these gardens centuries ago.

Then we went to the castle and were following the audio guide during the whole excursion. I can say that during this almost 2 hours I forgot about everything. I was in a completely new world, which was opened to me in this castle. This was the world, where your happiness is not a important, even if you are king, the priority – is what is good for your State, and this is how all the decisions are done. Including those, whom to marry and get children with. Being royal was never easy, although it might seem so attractive and privileged. I have a lot of respect to those, who have to rule the whole countries and on whose decisions depend destinies of a lot of people.

Next time I will look at the grandiose palaces from a completely changed prospective.

Bis Bald,