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Summer in the City ?


I suppose each of us can count using the fingers from only one hand the real summer days from this year. I do not know what has happen to the Sun, I have no idea what happened to the lovely sky, to the many degrees Celsius.

I do not even know what to do with my summer dresses, my flip flops, my bathing costume,… They are looking forward to be worn, to be showed! Can I do that? No! 🙁

This picture, the one attached, is taken and put here to show the maximum of summer that we can get when we are lucky. It was taken in Vienna, in Herman’s Strandbar, in the middle of June, this year. Have a coffee, on the sand, enjoying the Danube and the lovely sky.

However I am still hoping to see the summer, the real summer! 🙂

You too?


As a tourist


What makes you a tourist? What would it be the tourist’s kit? Let’s see: a destination, a plane ticket, a camera, a map, accomodation place and some money (in the country’s currency, of course).  Do you agree with me?

OK, now, let’s see what exactly needs a tourist at the destination.  A place to see: some thing beautiful or interesting and a guide.

What is the most important from all these here? After money, I think the accomodation and the guide. It’s great to have a guide wherever you will go. He / she can explain to you about the thing you visit, answer your questions, etc… It’s like a walking encyclopedia! J

It would be a little hard for me to visit something without a guide. Not impossible, just harder.

I wish you a guide everywhere!


Kino & Essen @ Rathausplatz @ Nacht


Ich war gestern zu Rathausplatz. Alle Leute wissen, dass es eines Festival dort gibt. Oder zwei, ich glaube! Ein Film Festival und ein Essen Festival.

Das Essen Festival dauert wie die Film Festival, ich glaube: zwei Monate und einige Tage.

Der Film Festival dauert zwei Monate und drei oder vier Tage. In diese Zeit kommen viele Leute zu Rathausplatz um sehr gute Filme, Opere, Konzerte zu sehen.

Was gibt es dort in Rathausplatz? Dort sind eine groβe Bild, vieeeeeeeeeeeeeeele Sesseln, einige Tribüne und das Rathaus Gebäude, natürlich. 😀 Was bringt diese Dinge? Viele Leute, klar! 😀 Einz – Zwei Essensportione, ein gut Film oder ein tolles Konzert, etwas um zu trinken = ein schön Abend!

Gestern war ich auch zu diese Event. Ich sah Carmen de George Bizet. Es war mit Nadia Krasteva, Massimo Giordano, Ildebrando D’Arcangelo und  Anna Netrebko. Es war super toll!

Treffen uns dort? 🙂


Prices for all


I was last night in Rathausplatz, here in Vienna, for an opera to watch. It was Carmen, by Bizet.

Today I woke up with a cultural thirst. I wanted to see more, I wanted to check more. Thinking about the moment when I have a job and when I shall have a real cultural programme, I entered on Vienna’s State Opera website. And there.. surprise! You can find tickets for September and October shows also at 6, 8 or 10 EUR! Isn’t that wonderful?? => now I can go even if I don’t have a job! 😀

I checked the schedule and I want to go to ballet: Balanchine & Robbins and Fidelio. That is for now! I still have to check the other scheduled shows from November, December,….

Can’t wait!!


When in Vienna, act like the Vienese people!


The picture that you see attached is taken inside Vienna Opera House. We were close to the end of our  tour and the guide was explaining us the marble mosaic on the walls. Among the many there, this was to me the most interesting.

Watch the picture attached: there are 3 images.

In the left hand side, you can see a „wigman”: a guy that was making wigs for the actors, singers, performers, etc. You notice a man working, sewing there something and the final products (the wigs) hanging there left and right.

In the middle you can see a scene, a  part from an opera or from a play. The guide told us, but I forgot.

In the right hand side, you can see a lady singing, performing there in front of an audience.

I find it very nice that the management from the Opera Vienna still maintains this marble mosaic. It;s very precious, from the cultural point of view!


A pic of Vienna…


As you know, each city, each place has a specific image, a specific thought.

When you think about Paris, what comes into your mind? The Eiffel tower, Champs Élysées, cheese, perfumes,… When you think about London, what comes into your mind? Rain, the London bridge, the Policemen, the black taxis,… right? When you think about Milano, what’s up there in your mind? Fashion, pizza, pasta, Vittorio Emanuelle market, etc…, right?

What would be the image of Vienna, then? The Opera, the City Hall, the Parliament? Kärtnerstraβe? 😀  I personally think  that any picture that contains a composer (Beethoven, Mozart, Bach,….) + a rich chandelier next to it. Like this picture here that I have attached. This picture is VERY VIENNA to me! It inspires me music, harmony, dance, joy and it reminds me of all those biiiiiiiiiiiig wonderful dresses that women were wearing.

Ah, just like a dream!


The tea room


A marvellous place! This room is inside the Oper in Vienna. If I remember correctly, after you climb up on the stairs, you turn left and then right.

This amazing room is the place where the emperor was welcoming his guests at the opera, that was ready to perform up there on the stage. They say that the emperor was welcoming his guests here, having a tea, then going inside, together with the audience. If he liked the play, the emperor stayed until the end. If he did not like the play, he was leaving the box seat and returning to this tea room, after the first play. For the people not to notice he was away, the emperor would return in the last act of the opera.

There’s another story about this room. You can see in the right part of the picture that the room has a window. Most of the people that were coming to the opera  were there to see the emperor first and then to watch the play itself. So the people were entering the building, checking if there is light in the emperor’s tea room. If there was light => the emperor was here => they bought tickets for the opera. If the emperor was no light => the emperor was not here => they returned to their houses.


Stage? Painting?


Looking at this image, you might easily think this is a painting. Very shiny, very „goldy”, full of happening  and attention drawer. Art!Actually, it is ART, but not the one you might this.  If you look at it again, you will realize that this is not just a painting, it is the stage in Opera from Vienna. You can find myself in that picture too, more precisely: bottom right. I insisted to be in the picture so that viewers can imagine the dimensions.

The stage must be very high, since it has to host so many operas. + let’s not forget the ball! The famous ball in Vienna!

I find it an impressive stage! I am more than looking forward to have a job, so that I can go to opera from time to time.

Will let you know when this will happen!


The Ballroom, but not in February


When you visit the Opera in Vienna is very normal to look forward to seeing the ball room. Is it as charming as it is in the pictures? Are there still ladies in white? Galant gentlemen?  Or just the organizers, preparing for next year? Flowers everywhere? Music? Waltzes?

Unfortunately, neither of these previously named are there. Half of the ballroom is taken by the stage itself and the audience, the chairs, the passing lines, etc. etc. and the other half is just backstage. There, in the backstage area is the place where all the shows are made ready, all the costumes are brought, all the singers are losing emotions, all the peace of mind is brought together for the singers to perform fantastically.

This second part of the stage is just a backstage all the time, nothing special during the other 11 months of the year. Unfortunately, we cannot enjoy the ball’s view and arrangements all year long!


Prin gradini


Profitand de vremea aceasta perfecta de cateva zile, am trecut pe la Schönbrunn. ( Da, iarasi vorbim despre castelul acesta. Nu pot sa ma satur de el inca! Imi este foarte, foarte drag! Ma simt extraordinar de bine acolo—nu la Zoo. In castel, prin gradini, dar Zoo.. Nu-i pentru mine! Toate animalele alea saracele, asa nefericite acolo,… Nu, multumesc! Stau eu bine asa, cum stau!

Dar in gradini….. Ce frumos e in gradini! Merg acolo, ma calmez, ma relaxez, ma distrez, ma mir, vad lucruri care ma impresioneaza, pot sa si alerg daca vreau, pot sa fac ce vreau. Nu e minunat sa ai un loc in care sa te simti asa impacat? Atata verde in jurul tau!! Atatea flori!

Superb si extraordinar!


THE Horse?


There was a rainy day outside. I was walking along a well known street, which was taking me home…  Suddenly something strange distracted my thoughts and made me curious in the same time. It was hard to believe for me, but there was a horse starring at me. It was in a window of a shop. This could be often seen in Vienna. Surprised, confused and with a smile on my face, I stopped to say hello… However, the strong dark horse was too proud of its beauty to answer me. So I insisted to talk to this really unusual horse. (His skin had a shiny, sparkling black color.)
No answer could be heard from the proud horse. That’s it! “It didn’t know English!”, I thought. I tried in German, hoping that it could come down from his high circled society and at least look at me. Nothing. More and more amused, I tried to distract his power, I stepped in the shop to have a closer look, but the “gentlehorse” was not to be found in the area of communication.
Silenced, wearing a sparkling beautiful and unique sculptured crystal raincoat, it already knew that it’s the most beautiul horse in Vienna. Therefore it was proud of this. The horse was acting as if Daniel Swarovsky himself would have cut and placed the cristals on his raincoat. Actually that was what was making him unique, indeed. I excused myself in front of the royal horse and dared to look around me looking for the name of the shop: SWAROVSKI. Suddenly a smile come to my face…

“So, do I dare, your royal “horseness”, to ask about your price?” The face this horse had, when I heard 1 500 EUR, was simply priceless.