A Different Schönbrunn Experience

You can spend many days exploring the grounds of the palace. But most people overlook a simple gem tucked away in the courtyard of the palace: the Apple Strudel experience (Strudelshow) (link). The apple strudel is a famous pastry that became very popular during the 18th century throughout the Habsburg Empire. The Apple Strudel experience, shows you how to make the apple strudel following the same recipe that has been used in the palace for over a century!

For only 6 euros, one can enjoy an interactive demonstration and enjoy a piece of the apple strudel. For only 5 more euros, you can have a much larger piece and enjoy a cup of coffee to go with it. The demonstration is quite thorough and shows you the small details necessary for a superb apple strudel.

A small tip: if you want to participate in the actual demonstration, answer the Chef’s question. (the special cloth). Upon the completion of the demonstration you will receive a special certificate. The cafe is rather small and gives a nice escape for the masses crowding the palace courtyard.

Enjoy the Apple Strudel! The cafe serves the strudel via old style, with powered sugar.

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