Breakfast in Vienna

How about a Kipferl? What I once thought to be an Austrian imitation of the lighter and flakier French croissant is quite possibly what inspired it. There are several variations of the Kipferl, all of which must have the iconic crescent shape. It is believed that the crescent shape was used as a way to celebrate the defeat of the Ottoman’s during the Ottoman siege of Vienna in the late 1600’s.

Where can you find these delicious pastries!? Well, they are at almost any bakery that you could walk into in Vienna. I chose, however, to go to Kaffee Monarchie. This café is in the 19th district and is known for serving simple yet traditional Viennese style breakfasts including a Kipferl with bread, jam and honey. If you come early enough you can get one of their breakfast combos with the choice of a coffee, tee or hot chocolate.

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