coming to an end :(

it’s so sad class is almost coming to an end. It’s our last week of school and I can’t believe it’s almost over. I feel like I really bonded with my classmates and I’ll be sad to not see them every day. It really became a routine for me, every day between 1145 and 245. DA gives you the option to pre-sign up for the next level, like you’re getting a foot in the door instead of signing up brand-new each course. Because apparently there’s a waiting list or the classes fill up so quickly that it’s important you get your name in soon. so if i were you… I would look on the DA website and see when the course begins, and plan to sign up maybe as far as two weeks in advance. and I guess some levels are more popular than others, for instance my A1.2 I think it’s always full. unfortunately in my case, I’m traveling back to the US and will not be continuing courses. Although the time I had here was special, and I must return home. for sure next time I’m in the vienna for a longer time, I’ll sign up for another course at DA. image image

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