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Hello again,

It’s been a while since my last post on the blog, and honestly I was missing the idea of writing and sharing my experiences or knowledge about Deutsch Akademie, German language or any other subject.

Last Thursday, I had my last class for the A2.2. module, in Deutsch Akademie. And on Monday… (not a surprise) I am starting B1.1. module. I am happy to be able to follow a new module, it will be even an intense one, while I will have classes from Monday to Friday, but I will keep you updated about it.

Now, because in my previous posts I was sharing only my experience regarding Deutsch Akademie, and can be interpreted as a subjective opinion, in this post I want to share with you another opinion of one of my colleagues.

It will be anonymously, but I can say that she is a beautiful & smart young girl from USA. She is doing her studies here, but also as many of us, wants to learn German and Deutsch Akademie was her choice.

  1. Warum haben Sie die D.A. gewählt?

I arrived in Vienna with a month to dedicate to learning German before my master’s degree courses began at Uni Wien. Deutsch Akademie had the intensive course that was perfect for me, since it started early September, had small class sizes, and was relatively inexpensive.

  1. Wie waren ihre Erfahrungen mit der D.A.?

I was discouraged during the first week and wanted to quit D.A. because I was frustrated. I couldn’t understand most of what my teacher was saying in German and wished she would just explain things in English. However, I’m glad that I stuck with it. The all-German approach helped me get used to the way the language sounds. Also, I met a lot of wonderful people of different backgrounds in the class. They are supportive and fun. Now I wake up every morning excited to go to D.A. and learn German!

  1. Möchten Sie die D.A. empfehlen?

Yes, of course! I really think the teaching method is effective. I highly recommend the teacher Andrea. She is so nice and supportive, and makes you see that learning German is fun and, most importantly, possible!

  1. Ein Wort für D.A.?


Hope she is more convincing than me, and you will try one of Deutsch Akademie classes if in need to learn German.

See you! 14522600_1273505109334821_1287775457_o

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