First day at Deutsch Akademie!

Hello everyone!

Finally that day came! Today I had my first german lesson at Deutsch Akademie and I must say that it was totally perfect from the very beginning!

I met all my groupmates today and I must admit that the nationality’s diversity is so great. In our group there are people from all over the world: Ukraine, Hungary, Turkey, Croacia, France, Spain! And that’s really great because you can find friends from all over the world and also learn other cultures and traditions.

Of course we met our teacher today. The teacher is really great! His name is Daniel and he teaches very nice. I was worried if I would understand everything during the class (I just started A 1.2 level). And fortunately I understood 90% of Information because our teacher explained everything step by step and used different methods of teaching! During the lesson we were playing games, reading, learning new words and grammar. And we comunicated with each other a lot, which I really like because we can practice our German. The lesson was full of fun, positive energy and it was really useful.

The book which we use to learn German is called “Menschen” and it is one of the best books I’ve ever used to learn languages. There you can find grammar excercises, vocabulary excercises. And all parts of book are well organized for those who want to learn fast and step by step.

Even after first lesson I feel that I’ve learnt so much! And now I’m at home and making my homework and I feel so inspired and want to learn more and more!

What I also like in DeutschAkademie is the view from the window. Someone can say that it’s not important, but believe me: when you can admire Opera view during the lesson -you feel really inspired and happy!

I wish all people to study in such place!