Gartenbau kino

Kino experience in Vienna

Recently I had the chance to visit movie theatre for first time in Vienna. The word in Deutsch is the international “kino”. In the last years mostly of the salons are located in malls. It is comfortable yes, but it’s far away from authentic movie experience. My boyfriend knows my criteria and he surprised me with reservation in Gartenbau kino. This is an old school movie theatre, located in old building, refreshed by famous architect in 1960. It is very easy accessible by U3, station Stubentor. The cost of the ticket is 9 euro and the program is changing daily. We choose late projection at 20:30. Inside there is caffe bar for drinks and light snacks (no popcorn unfortunately). The sound system is amazing and the screen is so big! The entire salon is wide and spacious, with nice amphitheatre.

Isle of dogs

The movie we watched was the newest Wes Anderson – Isle of dogs. Honestly, this was one of the best shoots I have watched in last few years! It’s just amazing how good is done, it is a real masterpiece! The genre is stop motion animation with adorable characters, interesting story and beautiful details. Some of the most famous Hollywood actors are participating as voices: Edward Norton, Bill Murey, Scarlet Johanson. The language of the movie is English and Japanese plus subtitles in Deutsch. I don’t want to tell you the story so you can be intrigued to watch it but in few words, Isle of Dogs is telling about how strong is the relationship between human and dogs. Our 4 paws friends are loyal, intelligent and sensitive and we can rely on them in hard moments and situations.

After the movie you can have drinks in some of the many locals nearby or you can just walk through the beautiful Vienna city centre.

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