Last day of class – congrats to all!

Yesterday was the last class day from the B2.1 Module. Honestly, I don’t even know when the time flew by! I was chatting in the break with a few colleagues and they were of the same opinion that a month goes by so fast. It was also a nice, relaxed last day atmosphere, and we were talking about what each of us will be doing next, vis-à-vis German learning.

Some people, such as myself, are going further with the B2.2 class, which starts on Monday, some are taking a short break or thinking about half-intensive classes at Deutschakademie. I liked that our teacher also put together a few possibilities for bettering our German.

We can use the DeutschAkademie app, or opt for a Konversation Kurs, or Konversation Klub. We can also seek to read Austrian newspapers and magazines, for instance – Deutsch Perfekt, a monthly magazine which has texts in all levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

There are many things that you can try to improve your German level, I think it’s important that you keep going, because consistency is key, and include a bit of German learning in your everyday routine. Little by little, you will see improvements, for instance today in the car I was surprised that I could suddenly understand what they were saying on the radio!

Thanks DeutschAkademie, and see you soon!

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