MAK – An interesting museum to visit

Hi to everyone again! I have to be honest – I am not a huge fan of museums. I love art, so I can never say no to an art gallery visit, but museums are often quite challenging for me. Also, I sometimes have troubles understanding modern and contemporary art, but I nevertheless find it very interesting so I usually tend to visit modern art museums. One of them has been MAK (Museum of Applied Arts) in Vienna, and I really recommend it! Here is my positive review about this place.

Museum of Applied Arts is all about design. It’s a perfect place for a perfectionist or a person who is into creative, unusual, colorful, unique and beautiful creations. This museum shows furniture, glass, china, silver, and textiles from the Middle Ages to the present day. You can find there work of different famous designers and artists. There is also an awesome design shop there that sells a huge variety of incredible stuff and a restaurant as well. One of the most interesting things about this museum is the building itself because it is extremely beautiful from inside with tall columns and lights. Another great thing to see there is one of the numerous temporary expositions. I was there to see a 3D printing exposition and it was quite fascinating!


You can find this museum at U4 Landstrasse (address: Stubenring 5). By the way, every Tuesday from 6 to 10 p.m. admission is €5, and that’s when I recommend going there. Even if you won’t find it your cup of tea, you will not regret the money. 🙂

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