New challenge – moving to Vienna!

Meet Andra, a decisive and energetic marketing professional, with an eye for fine-touch details and a bundle of creativity. Since she was a girl, she discovered she enjoys playing with words and tinkering with turns of phrase, into such a way that intrigues the reader and feeds his hunger for further knowledge.

What does she do when she’s not at her desk, hamstering at the keyboard? Well, as any good writer will tell you, in order to be a writer, one must first be a reader. She enjoys literature, losing herself in the shoes of a fictional character for a few good hours on a quiet afternoon. She has developed a passion for painting as well, and very much enjoys how the rest of the world goes quiet when she’s holding a brush. The fictional characters, world of games and lots of daydreaming so frequently slip into the themes of her paintings.

A forever adventurer, this autumn she took a new challenge: moving to Vienna. Taking on a new city and exposing herself to a new culture will hopefully take her career at the next level as well as help her grow on a personal level. Stay tuned to find out more!




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