New season, new location…

Once again we have Stammtisch. Until now, everybody should know what Stammtisch is about, but if this is your first month in Deutsch Akademie, or you are just thinking about taking a class here… than you should know that the school really cares about their students, and that besides learning during the course, you can also go to the Stammtisch.

But, what the Stammtisch is about? In fact, is about a evening out in the city. With this occasion, you can interact with your colleagues in a friendly environment, you can meet new people from who learn in Deutsch Akademie or you can also bring your friends, and enjoy a great Wednesday evening. Lots of surprises are prepared by the Deutsch Akademie employees, and the girls from the office, take really good care of any aspect.

But what is new with December Stammtisch? Location! Right, the location was changed. Tomorrow we will see each other at Centimeter, close to Rathaus. Centimeter is a well known restaurant in Vienna, and the location near Rathaus makes it even interesting. You can first make a visit to the Rathaus Christmas market, which will going to lighten up your soul, and after you can practice your German with so many other people whose purpose is to learn this difficult/ interesting/ nice language.

I hope there will be many of you tomorrow to the Stammtisch. I am sure that everybody did everything in their power in order to have a magic Stammtisch evening.


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