Saint Nicholas in Deutsch Akademie

As you have already seen, yesterday I prepared my shoes for Saint Nicholas. I was a good girl and I received some interesting and nice things. In Romania, Saint Nicholas is bringing only sweets, but as I am in Austria, I received some other things also. I am not going to tell you about my personal presents, but… I will tell you about how a school can organize something nice and small, and also, bring a smile on their students faces.

Saint Nicholas visited us in Deutsch Akademie. It was a surprise for most of us… I follow the facebook page and I knew that they prepared something from us. In the morning, the little game started :D. As probably you already know, on the Deutsch Akademie facebook page, you can find relevant information regarding classes, German phrases and words and any other useful information.

In this morning, they had a nice post about a ruffle which took place during the day. I recognize that they made me curious, and I did not knew what to expect for. In a way or another, I was invidious for my colleagues which are attending the morning classes. What if I was not able to meet Nicholas in the evening? Or, what if they would have a game only for a limited period of time?

It was not the case, Saint Nicholas came to the evening class as well. During the class, at some point we received a visit from Nicholas, each one of us got something sweet or a fruit. We enjoyed our sweets and smiled. For me, it was somehow a remember that small things matter the most.

Thank you dear Saint Nicholas!


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